Soldiers, veterans of the imperial army now scattered across the world of Cairn, are the hardened survivors of human conflict and bloodshed. They now hold the line against the deadliest enemies of humanity. Soldiers prefer the use of close combat weaponry and excel at using a shield, but can prove formidable with firearms. What a soldier may lack in dealing out damage is more than made up for with their resilience and fortitude.

Soldiers readily charge into the carnage and unleash crushing might upon their foes. Their physical prowess is unmatched and their ability to survive through the most brutal conflicts makes them an excellent choice for defense-oriented players.


Immovable Defenses

Soldiers have the highest health and physique of all Masteries, making them inherently tough to kill. Through a selection of active and passive skills which enhance their survivability, Soldiers are right at home where the battle is harshest.

Close-Ranged Expert

Soldiers crush the opposition with close-ranged physical attacks that leave enemies bleeding out, if they even survive the initial onslaught. Powerful blows leave enemies stunned or even flying off their feet.

Natural Leader

Soldiers are natural leaders, bolstering their allies while keeping them out of harm’s way with their defensive techniques.



“The use of weapon forms in combat gives your attacks a natural cadence with peaks and ebbs that, while predictable, are none the less effective and difficult to counter. When used as your default weapon attack, Cadence will magnify the power of every 3rd strike.”


“Such force is channeled into the attack that it compresses the very air, projecting out a wave of energy that stuns and damages foes. This attack requires a shield or two-handed melee weapon.”

Menhir’s Will

“Unwilling to yield to death, you muster a final surge of strength and fight on with renewed determination.”

Field Command

“A superior sense of discipline and knowledge of battlefield tactics makes you a natural leader in the heat of battle.”