Nightblades were once clandestine warriors that sold their services to the great houses of the empire. Now their skill with a blade serves a more noble, though equally deadly, purpose. Nightblades approach combat with the intent of ending it quickly and decisively. Prolonged encounters can prove dangerous, but Nightblades are not without their illusions and tricks. Using conjured phantasmal blades that are a secret of their trade, Nightblades can fight their way out of nearly any situation. These assassins prefer the use of two blades, but can excel with any melee weapon should the need arise.

The lethal arsenal of Nightblades brings a swift decisive conclusion to any battle. Those that prefer to calculate their actions and then execute them with deadly precision will find the Nightblade to be an ideal fit.


Phantasmal Warrior

Nightblades are masters of a secret art that allows them to conjure illusionary blades that seem so real they inflict actual physical harm. With practice, this technique can be used to trap enemies in a circle of metaphysical blades or to surround the Nightblade in a storm of spinning swords that strike anything unfortunate enough to be nearby.

The Cold Hand of Death

Nightblades embrace the shadows and draw upon the energy from their surroundings to infuse their attacks with a deathly chill that can freeze enemies solid and open them up to a killing blow.

Dual Wielding

Nightblades are experts of melee combat and excel in the use of two melee weapons at once. Experienced Nightblades learn various combat techniques that can assault multiple nearby enemies at once or even land a blow that can end a duel in a single strike.


Phantasmal Blades

“A legendary technique of the Nightblades. Hurl conjured blades infused with shadow magic that rend through flesh like paper.”

Veil of Shadow

“A psionic veil clouds the minds of nearby enemies, slowing their movements and diminishing their effectiveness in combat.”

Pnuematic Burst

“Secret martial techniques of the Nightblades enable you to draw vital breath or “pneuma” from your surroundings for short bursts of speed and power. The metabolic acceleration caused by these vital breaths also confers minor healing. This technique requires melee weapons.”

Blade Barrier

“For a master Nightblade, Belgothian was rumored to lack fine control of his conjuring; but he had the unremitting willpower to summon so many blades that they would form an impenetrable shield surrounding him, giving him a moment of respite from his foes.”