As members of the esteemed Luminari Order, Inquisitors were responsible for protecting the Erulan Empire from the dangers of the arcane and the occult. Over the centuries, the Inquisitors gathered countless relics of unimaginable power, but duty sometimes overcomes safety, and some of these relics were studied and in turn replicated for use by the inquisition. While they excel with ranged weapons, Inquisitors are armed with an arsenal of relics and arcane runes that allow them to be more than capable in close-quarters combat.

Inquisitors make use of ancient artifacts and elemental runes to ensnare the enemies of humanity and embolden their allies. If you seek to learn the secrets of the Luminari and their gain access to their relics, then the Inquisitor is right for you.

(Requires the Ashes of Malmouth expansion)


Rune Magic

Inquisitors use arcane runes and words of power to cripple their foes and empower their allies.

Forbidden Artifacts

Armed with replicas of ancient relics, Inquisitors use forbidden treasures to incinerate, freeze and electrocute the enemies of mankind.

Ranged Expertise

While they are experts with any weapon, Inquisitors excel with ranged weaponry, even opting to wield two pistols at the same time.


Flames of Ignaffar

“Hold the Stone of Ignaffar in front of you, unleashing a torrent of flame from the palm of your hand for as long as you channel your will into the artifact.”

Word of Renewal

“With the power to destroy their foes or revitalize allies with a single phrase, Words of Power quickly became a staple of the Inquisitor arsenal. The Word of Renewal established Inquisitors as priceless assets during wartime due to its ability to invigorate the Inquisitor and their allies and steel them against occult foes.”

Rune of Hagarrad

“The Rune of Hagarrad was one of the first objects contained within the Vault of the Luminari but, after mounting pressure from the imperial court to exterminate occult activity within the capital, it also became the first artifact to be sanctioned for study and replicated by the Luminari in order to cut off escape routes for fleeing targets.”

Storm Spread

“A reckless technique for when enemy numbers prove overwhelming, a spread across a room can quickly even the odds. This is a ranged technique that activates off of default weapon attacks.”