Occultists are masters of the eldritch powers. Once hunted by imperial forces in an effort to curb the spread of the belief in the three witch gods, Solael, Bysmiel and Dreeg, they have struggled to shed the prejudices once rampant in the fallen empire of men. Occultists destroy their enemies with abhorrent curses and forbidden summoning spells. When those prove insufficient, they call upon the power of the void itself to tear their enemies apart with chaotic incantations.

The eldritch powers, dreadful and devastating, are a terror to behold and strike fear into even the most steeled of hearts. Those that crave control over dark magic will find their place with the Occultist.


Debilitating Curses

Occultists prefer to spread misery and disease over direct methods. Their vile curses shatter enemy defenses and inflict grievous wounds that fill with virulent pus. Those that survive an encounter with an Occultist may wish they hadn’t.

Summoning Rituals

Occultists can call upon eldritch beings from beyond the mortal realm. These summoning rituals can bring forth a fiery Hellhound or a loyal Storm Raven, which will tear at your enemies with burning claws and bolts of pure lightning.

Forbidden Magic

Occultists call upon the powers of the three witch gods, granting them the will to control the wild forces of the chaotic void. This reviled power allows Occultists to call forth bolts of entropic energy and to create sigils that sap the life from their enemies while transferring the vital essence back to the caster.


Dreeg’s Evil Eye

“Summons one of the infinite eyes of Dreeg, the great guardian of the hidden realm. The eye quickly speeds toward the target and then detonates itself in a shower of poisonous fumes.”

Summon Familiar

“Summon a mythical storm raven to support you. Storm ravens are eldritch creatures of uncanny intelligence and magical ability quite different from mundane ravens. Some believe they are not birds at all but rather some manner of ancient sky spirit for which the raven is a preferred manifestation. Only one raven may be summoned at any one time.”

Bloody Pox

“Shunned even by many Occultists for the prolonged suffering it inflicts, this abhorrent curse calls down a virulent plague to spread amongst foes, inexorably sapping their life-force and causing them to bleed from every orifice.”


“You allow your body to act as a mortal vessel for the witch god Solael. The great one temporarily inhabits your flesh, bestowing upon you formidable physical prowess.”