Though most modern Necromancers hail from the Order of Death’s Vigil and the training of the mysterious Uroboruuk, not all choose the secluded life. While their profession naturally inspires fear and revulsion, the Necromancers of Cairn seek balance through research and mastery over the ultimate fate that awaits all mortals: death. Necromancers make heavy use of conjuring forth skeletal minions and sapping the very vitality from their unwary foes, though entering the fray themselves with martial weapons is not unheard of.

Necromancers manipulate the forces of life and death to reap their unwary foes. If a direct approach does not suffice, their undying minions can handle the rest. If you too are a seeker of dark knowledge and the power of death, then a Necromancer may be your calling.

(Requires the Ashes of Malmouth expansion)


Master of the Dead

Necromancers are masters of death, conjuring lifeless minions to serve them and tear apart their foes.

Harvester of Souls

Necromancers harvest the very life essence of their foes, transferring the precious vitality into themselves while leaving behind dessicated corpes.


Necromancers use the power of the grave to debilitate and infect their foes, spreading disease and rot on the battlefield through their own dark magic and the unstable husks of their minions.


Raise Skeletons

“The art of reanimating skeletal remains is among the first rites of aspiring Necromancers, but also one of the most rudimentary. Through sheer will, a Necromancer may call upon the spirits beyond the veil and draw them into the bones of the deceased. Should the ritual succeed, skeletal minions, loyal only to the summoner, shall rise.”

Ravenous Earth

“At your command, disease and rot pour forth through a hellish maw within the earth and infect all unfortunate enough to stand too close.”

Siphon Souls

“In a ghastly release of necrotic energies, you attempt to harvest the spirits of nearby foes with a cruel curse, draining them of their very essence while transferring it to you.”

Reap Spirit

“One of the most powerful techniques bestowed upon his followers by Uroboruuk. By ripping apart the very being of your foe, one can not only inflict grievous harm, but also conjure forth a fragment of their soul to serve you. The resulting spirit is unstable and highly aggressive, which makes it all the more useful in battle.”