Whether they hail from the Temple of Menhir, or offer their souls to the Witch Gods, all Oathkeepers have two things in common: unflinching loyalty and zealous fury. Oathkeepers are the guardians of sacred tombs, keepers of the faithful and ardent enforcers of celestial will. They do not merely hide behind a shield or their divine powers; to Oathkeepers, these are weapons upon which they shall spill the blood of the unworthy and exact their righteous wrath.

Oathkeepers are the embodiment of divine vengeance, their lives bound to the will of celestial beings. They charge into the fray, steeled by their faith, and smite their unworthy foes. If you are willing to exact the judgment of the gods, then make your oath and stand among the Oathkeepers.

(Requires the Forgotten Gods expansion)


Divine Judgement

Oathkeepers unleash divine wrath upon the enemies of their gods, be it the heretics opposing the will of Empyrion or the misguided fools opposing the commands of the three Witch Gods.

Celestial Guidance

Oathkeepers are empowered by their faith and ascend beyond the limits of their humanity. When in need, they can call upon celestial guardians to aid them in battle.

Righteous Retribution

Oathkeepers are unflinching in their resolve. Every blow they receive is returned a thousand-fold.


Aegis of Menhir

“With the strength of the earth flowing through you by the blessings of Menhir, hurl a magical aegis that will home in upon your target and leave it staggered and dazed before returning to you.”

Eye of Reckoning

“When the first Oathkeepers looked upon the celestial vale and witnessed the astounding power of Empyrion’s light, they sought to replicate its brilliance and might. The culmination of their prayers and training was the Eye of Reckoning, a devastating display of martial combat that rapidly cleaves through all nearby foes in a whirlwind of fire and light for as long as the Oathkeeper channels their focus into the attack.”


“A precise strike fueled by the Oathkeeper’s righteous fury leaves enemies staggered and broken. With sufficient practice, this technique can even be extended to a shield.”

Summon Guardian of Empyrion

“Call forth a loyal servant of Empyrion to cleave through your foes and render celestial judgment; or taint the guardian by the gaze of Dreeg to turn it into a scion of acid and decay, a mirror of the deity it now serves.”