In the times of the human empire, demolitionists would be called upon to break enemy ranks and to breach fortifications using a clever mix of engineering and sorcery. By combining the two studies, Demolitionists created a devastating array of magically infused explosives that would leave nothing but ashes and destruction in their wake. Demolitionists prefer to fight at range, engaging enemies with guns, traps and thrown explosives. They are still proficient with melee weapons though and deliver an arsenal that will make enemies regret ever getting near them in the first place.

Demolitionists thrive when surrounded by fire and electricity. Pyromaniacs at heart will find themselves right at home with the Demolitionist’s fire-stoked arsenal.


Blazing Inferno

Demolitionists are the masters of fire. Their flames are unquenchable and burn hot enough to melt even the toughest armor. Everything from explosives to even basic attacks is infused with this destructive element.

Engineered Sorcery

Demolitionists are armed with a collection of devious traps and wonders of engineered sorcery. Shock your enemies with lightning-infused Thermite Mines or daze them within your unquenchable flame using a well-placed Flashbang.

Explosive Arsenal

Demolitionists cover the battlefield with an array of explosives that sew chaos and misery across the enemy ranks. When everything is on fire or ready to explode, your enemies will struggle to find a safe place to even stand.


Stun Jacks

“Throw out an array of tiny, electrically charged jacks that will temporarily stop enemies in their tracks.”

Blackwater Cocktail

“Blackwater Cocktails were concocted when more conventional explosives ran low. These improvised fire bombs leave a self-fueled blaze upon impact and are particularly effective against tightly packed enemies.” “Throw out an array of tiny, electrically charged jacks that will temporarily stop enemies in their tracks.”

Canister Bomb

“An explosive packed with more explosives, this devilish contraption is capable of laying waste to an entire field of enemies.”

Thermite Mine

“Drops a trio of small but deadly pyrotechnic charges that will sear enemies with intense jets of flame.”