Weapon Components

Components that go into weapons have a special distinction in that they all grant a unique active skill when completed. These skills offer a wide variety of options that can complement any play style. Find the components that work for you!

Components drop from the various inhabitants of Cairn. Many monsters have a higher chance of dropping specific Components, so your hunt can be focused.

Legends speak of rare Components teeming with ancient power. These Components are much harder to find and craft, but their bonuses are well worth the effort.

Attaching Components

To apply a Component to an item, right-click it and then then left-click on an item you wish to attach it to. You will see a confirmation dialogue to confirm your decision.

Removing Components

There may come a time when you wish to change the Component you have attached to an item, or perhaps you wish to reuse a Component for a new item you have found. This is a service provided by the Inventor.

Note that you can either recover the item or the Component, not both.

To learn more about the Inventor, visit the Service NPCs page.