Relics are implements of incredible power and only a few people in the world even know of the process required for their creation. Much of this craft had been lost to the Grim Dawn, scattered in the form of blueprints. It is up to you to tread into the vestiges of humanity’s once mighty empire to recover fragments of this lost knowledge.

Relics come in three tiers: Empowered, Transcendent and Mythical. Each tier represents a significant rise in power, but so does the challenge in acquiring them. Only the truly worthy heroes will find themselves in possession of the most powerful Mythical Relics.

With the exception of one Relic which is acquired via a quest in Act II, all Relics are crafted by the Blacksmith. To learn more about Crafting, visit the Crafting page. Whenever you craft a Relic, it generates a random bonus, in addition to its base stats.

Empowered Relics

Empowered Relics will be by far the easiest to craft, requiring mostly mundane materials found readily in the world of Cairn. Several of these will be available to craft immediately upon unlocking the Blacksmith, who you will find to be a valuable ally the journey ahead, but there will be many more blueprints out there for you to discover.

Empowered Relics become available at level 18.

Transcendent Relics

Transcendent Relics are when things start to get complicated. The blueprints for these powerful items can only be found out in the world, and they will require Empowered Relics in their creation. Earning a Transcendent Relic will mark a great achievement indeed.

Transcendent Relics become available at level 35.

Mythical Relics

Mythical Relics are implements of immense power. They are by far the rarest of the ancient artifacts. In fact, their blueprints only drop from bosses. In order to craft a Mythical Relic, you will require many rare materials, as well as several Transcendent Relics. Completing a Mythical Relic is an achievement of legends, and the powers they bestow are equally legendary.

Mythical Relics become available at level 60.