The Hunt for Loot

Templar’s Faith

It may seem strange at first to list the loot hunt as a feature but in the modern era, it seems some ARPGs expect players to use an auction-house or trade online to outfit their characters in the best gear. While that is appealing for some, we recognize that there are many players who just want a reasonable chance to find their own loot without endless grinding and who want to play the actual game; not spend time outside the game hunting down good trades.

Terror of the Grove

Loot in Grim Dawn is still precious and the best items rare but with drop rates tuned to still allow players to amass an impressive collection with time investments that are more reasonable for people without endless free time.

Malformed Effergy

Farming is designed to be a fun and effective way to obtain good items, for those who enjoy it but we have also made a special effort to make exploration and clearing levels more rewarding with more chests that are worth opening and secret rooms stacked with higher tier chests. There are also exalted one-time chests in remote corners of the map and in some side-dungeons. These chests only spawn once per character but offer a guaranteed epic drop for those who take the time to seek them out!

There are hundreds of unique items in the game and thousands more that can be generated via our item affix system.

Saltcore Blaster

Common Items

Common items form the backbone of all Magical and Rare items in the game. They are the items upon which affixes are rolled. In the case that an item rolls neither a prefix nor a suffix, it will drop as a Common and bear no special attributes.

Common items have their name displayed in white.

Magic Items

Magic Items

Magic items are Common items that have rolled a prefix, a suffix or both of magical quality. These items provide significant bonuses, but only to a few stats. Most yellow items boost 2-3 stats, but the values are competitive with other item qualities.

Magic items have their names displayed in yellow.

Rare Items

Whenever a Common item rolls at least one affix of rare quality, it becomes a Rare item. Rare items are generated less frequently than Magic items, thus the name, but boost more stats. Unlike Magic items, Rare items can provide more exotic bonuses such as damage to a specific monster archetype or even Auto-Cast item skills. However, the values of each individual bonus will generally not be stronger than those available on Magic items.

Rare items can be any combination of Magic and Rare affixes; an item can have a Rare prefix and a Magic suffix, or vice versa. An item that generates both a rare prefix and a rare suffix is considered a double rare. Double rare items have the potential to be some of the most powerful in the game.

Rare items have their names displayed in green. Rare items begin to drop around
level 8.

Monster Infrequents

Salazar’s Sword

Monster Infrequents are a special type of item that drops only from specific monsters, and then not with a 100% drop rate. For example, to acquire the Monster Infrequent known as Salazar’s Sovereign Blade, you must hunt down Salazar, Blade of Ch’thon in his lair.

Monster Infrequents are unique in that they always have some base attributes. On top of that, they can still roll the usual affixes. This makes Monster Infrequents very powerful. A well-rolled Monster Infrequent is a highly desired item and worth hunting for.

Monster Infrequents have their names displayed in green.

Ascended Helm
Ascended Spaulders

Epic Items

Epic Items are the first tier of unique items available in Grim Dawn. Unlike Magic and Rare items, Epics come with predetermined stats, which can come in combinations not normally found on Magic or Rare items. Epic items often come with an active or auto-cast item skill, which can really enhance your play style.

Though they drop less frequently than Rare items, Epics can be found most reliably from Boss Monsters and Hero Monsters. You may find Epics in the most unusual of places however, so it is always worth it to break those barrels or to seek out secret areas. You may also wish to find all of the One-Shot chests in the game, which guarantee one Epic item each.

Epic items have their names displayed in blue and have unique item art. Epic items begin to drop around level 12.

Legendary Items

Legendary Items represent the pinnacle of power in Grim Dawn. These are the items about which tales are told and legends are born. They bestow the most potent bonuses and item skills. Rightfully so, Legendary items are even harder to find than Epic items. Having one drop is cause for celebration.

Legendary items have their names displayed in purple and have unique item art. Legendary items begin to drop around level 50.

Set Items

Set items are a special sub-set of Epic and Legendary items that are part of a collection. When items from the same Set are equipped, they will bestow additional set bonuses. Completing a Set grants powerful bonuses that will be difficult to give up. To compensate for their synergistic value, Set items generally have lower stats than other items of similar quality and level, but the set bonuses more than make up for this loss.

Set items have their names displayed in blue or purple, depending on their quality, and have unique item art. Set items begin to drop around level 20.

Showing/Hiding Items

As you progress in your loot hunt, you may find yourself wanting to hide items that do not match your needs from being displayed on the screen. You can do so by pressing the Loot Filter Button on the HUD.

By pressing this button, you open up the Loot Filter UI, where you can select from a variety of options to fine-tune what item drops are displayed on the screen!

Item Database

Our fans have been busy creating tools to assist in the creation of your characters. One such example is Grim Tools Item Database, created by Dammitt, which allows you to search through every item and affix available in the game.

You can visit the Grim Tools Item Database website here.