Journey beyond the bounds of the Erulan Empire, traversing burning sands, lush oases and volcanic wastes to reach the sun beaten ruins of a city whose secrets should never have been disturbed. The flames of a forgotten god have been rekindled, sending ripples through the Eldritch realm and sowing terror even among the Witch Gods themselves. Discover hundreds of new unique items, unlock all-new mobility powers and venture into a brand-new game mode with endless replayability.

(Forgotten Gods requires the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion and the base game)

Korvan Plateau
Ruins of Abyd

The Forgotten Gods expansion is available for purchase on Steam, GoG and the Humble Store. It is priced at a modest $15.99.

We have another massive addition to the game for you teeming with lore, powerful foes and awesome loot. A new mastery rounds out Grim Dawn’s existing options and opens up all new ways to play. To top it off, an endless challenge awaits you within the Shattered Realm, where you can really put your builds to the test.

For a quick overview of how it compares to the base game and the Ashes of Malmouth expansion, take a look at the chart below.

Key Features

  • Enter the Shattered Realm – a brand new game mode will have you face off against Cairn’s foes in ever more challenging shards of an unstable reality. Earn unique rewards and mountains of loot!
  • A New Class Mastery – smite your foes with a divine new mastery: the Oathkeeper, which can be combined with the other Masteries, raising the total number of combinations to a staggering 36!
  • Rune Augments – Apply a new category of enchantments to your Medals, unlocking powerful mobility skills available to all masteries, including Leap, Teleport and more.
  • A Massive Story Chapter – Journey beyond the remnants of the Erulan Empire to dangerous new lands teeming with forbidden secrets. Battle alongside the Witch God cults to vanquish the rising threat of a forgotten god.
  • New Environments – Discover foreboding deserts, explore lush oases, survive the heat of a land ravaged by a god’s burning rage, witness the wonders of the Eldritch Realm itself.
  • Difficulty Merits – Embrace new challenges by starting the game on Elite or Ultimate difficulty from the very beginning by purchasing Difficulty Merits for your new characters!
  • Transmutation – Visit the Inventor to reroll your duplicate Set Items to create new Set Pieces from the same set or entirely different sets.
  • Four Factions – Align yourself with one of the three Witch God cult Factions and face off against Eldritch Horrors serving a forgotten power.
  • 9 Constellations – Unleash the powers of forgotten gods with 9 new Devotion Constellations that offer even more ways to traverse Grim Dawn’s massive celestial tapestry.
  • Collect Hundreds of New Items – Dozens of new Monster Infrequents and Hundreds of Epic and Legendary items are waiting to be added to your collection, including sets exclusive to the game’s Roguelike dungeon and the Shattered Realm!
  • Expanded Stash – Protect your precious wealth with an additional Personal and Transfer Stash Tab.
  • New Nemesis and Super Bosses – The Eldritch Realm houses terrors beyond imagining. Face off against its nemesis for unique loot. Uncover the secrets of the Korvan Basin and unleash a supremely powerful foe.
  • A New Rogue-Like Dungeon – the Tomb of the Heretic has been discovered within the Korvan lands. Getting inside, however, may not be so simple!
  • Monster Totems – explore every corner of the world to discover Monster Totems that will assault you with waves of foes in exchange for mountains of loot.

New Mastery


Whether they hail from the Temple of Menhir, or offer their souls to the Witch Gods, all Oathkeepers have two things in common: unflinching loyalty and zealous fury. Oathkeepers are the guardians of sacred tombs, keepers of the faithful and ardent enforcers of celestial will. They do not merely hide behind a shield or their divine powers; to Oathkeepers, these are weapons upon which they shall spill the blood of the unworthy and exact their righteous wrath.

New Features

The expansion brings many exciting changes to the game, the biggest of which are certain to be the new game mode where you will test the limits of your skills and the introduction of a new type of Augments which bolster your playstyles with awesome movement abilities.

Shattered Realm

The Shattered Realm is unlike anything mankind has ever witnessed, teeming with wealth and power beyond imagining, but also dangers not unlike those that you face even now on Cairn. Whatever entity crafted this realm, it seems it has long vanished and, with its absence, the reality crumbles.

Rune Augments

A new addition to the standard Faction Faction Augments, Rune Augments are a special category of enchantments that is applied exclusively to Medals. With these runes, you will gain new abilities that allow your character to cover distances across the battlefield.

Emblem of the Leaping Mantis
Emblem of the Charging Bull
Emblem of the Riftstalker

Unlike standard Augments, Rune Augments can drop as loot in the form of blueprints, so that you can craft them for all your characters. The most powerful Rune blueprints are found only in the Shattered Realm!

Difficulty Merits

If you’ve unlocked Elite or Ultimate difficulty, be sure to stop by the vendor in the Forgotten Gods content in order to purchase the new Champion’s and Savior’s Merits. These items, when used on your other characters, immediately unlock the respective difficulties, allowing you to tackle the extra challenge (and lucrative rewards) from the very beginning.

When you use a merit, the character immediately receives all Skill and Attribute point rewards from the previous difficulties, as if they had completed the respective quests. In addition, they will unlock all Inventory Bags and all Riftgates on those difficulties.

Need Devotion Points? Fear not. Forgotten Gods features additional Devotion Shrines on all difficulties, so you can get to the maximum of 55 on Ultimate difficulty without ever stepping foot in Normal or Elite.

Challenge Areas

Challenge Areas unify the difficulty scaling mechanics across the game and bring features you’ve become accustomed to in the Crucible DLC into the Main Campaign. Many optional areas have an increased difficulty and Mutators. To compensate for this increase in challenge, these areas also have significantly improved drop rates, particularly for items of Rare quality.

Roguelike Dungeons are a step up in challenge, particularly on Ultimate difficulty, with two to three Mutators active. In return, the final chest of each roguelike dungeon always attempts to drop at least two Epic quality or higher items (one guaranteed to be Legendary) on Ultimate difficulty, on top of the significantly increased Rare quality drop rates across the entire dungeon.

In addition, each of the four Roguelike Dungeons also have a chance to drop a piece of a unique item set that appears nowhere else in the game, as a mark of your prowess in conquering these treacherous areas on Ultimate difficulty.