With threats on every turn, humanity struggles to survive in small sanctuaries scattered throughout the world. However, some humans are all too eager to take advantage of a crumbling society and instead seek to extort the weak and the naïve all in the interest of self-preservation. These are difficult times, and knowing who to trust can be just as important as knowing how to swing a blade or cast a protective spell.

Quest Givers

Quests in Grim Dawn serve as a guide through the conflict threatening humanity’s existence. You will begin your journey at Devil’s Crossing, where some of the last survivors in the region are struggling to survive against increasing Aetherial attacks. Where your journey takes you from there is up to you as questing in Grim Dawn is open-ended. In fact, should you choose to, you could open the way to Act II as soon as you have the materials required to repair the bridge leading into that part of the world.

In addition to the main story, you will meet individuals who require the aid of a capable traveler such as yourself. These side quests will provide you with a deeper look into the world of Cairn, as well as some valuable rewards.

Choice and Consequence

Your journey through the world of Cairn will have you stumbling across makeshift human settlements, struggling survivors out on the road or even unfortunate souls trapped in cages by hungering beastmen. Many of these situations will not have an obvious resolution and it will be up to you to decide how to handle them.

Your decisions will have a lasting impact on the world. Decisions you make can be as simple as deciding what Blacksmith to recruit for your town, but they can also be as far-reaching as determining the fate of an entire village. Sometimes you may find that people you have trusted turn out to be traitors who not only leave when the opportunity presents itself, but also cause serious harm to the survival of others. You will have to weigh these decisions carefully, as their repercussions can have permanent effects.


Questing in Grim Dawn is a rewarding process that nets you valuable equipment and perks. Apart from experience points, which are considerable, you can earn the following
rewards from quests:

  • Iron Bits
  • Equipment
  • Blueprints
  • Attribute Points
  • Skill Points
  • Additional Inventory Bags
  • Access to Service NPCs
  • Faction Status
  • Access to New Areas

Rebuilding Humanity

As you complete quests and introduce new individuals to Devil’s Crossing, the settlement will gradually transform from a rubble-filled ruined to a place you can call home. A pile of junk might be replaced by a chef’s stand, where food is prepared for the survivors. Another area can become a smithy. Everything you do for the people of Devil’s Crossing will leave lasting impressions upon the survivors, and the environment will reflect your selfless deeds.