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Default Grim Misadventure #108: Introducing...

Welcome back to Grim Misadventures! Today marks our final update of 2016. It’s been a fantastic year for Grim Dawn; and what better way to end the year in style than to reveal something everybody’s been anxiously waiting for?!

With Patch V1.0.0.7 and the Fall of Valbury coming this week (What?!), we now look to the expansion coming next year. It’s getting to be a big one, packed with a massive new chapter of the Grim Dawn story, new features, new items, an increased level cap and TWO (that’s right) two new masteries.

Today, for the first time ever, we are ready to unveil one of the classes we will be introducing in Grim Dawn’s expansion. Are you ready?

Can you already guess what it is?

How about a little hint? In a way, you already know what both masteries are called. You’ve met both actually in your adventures through Cairn.

Still wondering?

Ok, here it is. We are pleased to announce that Grim Dawn’s 7th Mastery is going to be: the esteemed Inquisitor!

Wallpaper Set is now available for Download in the Media Section

Trained by the secretive Luminari Order, inquisitors were officially sanctioned by the Erulan Emperor to hunt down and eliminate all eldritch and arcane threats to the empire. This dangerous and thankless duty necessitated some unconventional means of combat, including using the powers of their very enemies against them.

For you see, while most artifacts and relics were deemed too dangerous and in turn ended up locked away in the impenetrable Vault of the Luminari, duty sometimes overcame safety. By studying these powerful relics, the Luminari have learned how to replicate them for their own purposes, in a way turning the very tools once used against humanity to instead defend it. It takes many years of rigorous training before an inquisitor is granted access to this arsenal, and for good reason. A fully initiated inquisitor is as deadly as she is unpredictable.

Inquisitors are also masters of ranged combat, preferring to take their enemies on at a distance rather than risking themselves to corruption or injury from supernatural forces. However, that does not mean that inquisitors will choke in the thick of battle or balk at using a melee weapon. On the contrary, close quarters is merely an excuse to unleash their full arsenal of artifacts and tricks.

Inquisitor Creed himself hails from this organization, and it was through his quick thinking and use of Luminari replicas that he survived his encounter with the Warden, leading to his eventual meeting with Ulgrim and the Black Legion. He now leads the surviving imperial forces to push back against the Aetherial and Chthonian threat. Another inquisitor in the ranks would be a great boon to the resistance.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the skills available to trained inquisitors:

Please note that as the masteries are still under development, the following information may change by release.
Inquisitors have a vast arsenal or artifacts at their disposal, making them excellent fighters at range, but also effective in melee. Their greatest strength lies in the use of Elemental magic, though anyone with a penchant for physical altercations will find plenty here to enhance their playstyles.

Storm Box of Elgoloth
”Open the runed Storm Box of Elgoloth, surrounding the target foe with a psychic energy that electrifies the very air around them, shocking the target and all unfortunate enough to stand too close.”

What’s better than to see your foes vanquished? Making your foes vanquish each other. By surrounding an enemy with this lightning field, you effectively turn them into a conduit to wither away all of their nearby allies as well.

With enough training, an inquisitor can also tether herself to the foe, causing lightning to ripple through the air between herself and the foe for so long as they stand within range. Anyone foolish enough to cross the lightning will suffer greatly.

Flames of Ignaffar
”Hold the Stone of Ignaffar in front of you, unleashing a torrent of flame from the palm of your hand for as long as you channel your will into the artifact.”

Filth infects Cairn with its unsanctioned magic. Purge it with purifying flames. Turn all that oppose you to ashes. But should a darker path entice you, corrupt the flames with Chaos by selecting the transmuter.

Ranged Expertise
”Though armed with an array of powerful artifacts and relics, all Inquisitors must be prepared to face an opponent while relying solely on their wits and their firearm. Expertly wielding ranged weapons allows trained Inquisitors to take out their prey from a safe distance.”

And more…
Master the placement of runic traps to eradicate any foe daring enough to come near. Bolster your allies with powerful groups buffs and arcane sigils. Overpower your foes with secret words of power. The Inquisitor is a lethal new addition to Grim Dawn’s list of masteries.

Class combination names you can look forward to: Deceiver, Mage Hunter, Purifier, Ritualist, Sentinel, Tactician and Vindicator.

Which names do you think represent which class combinations? And what do you think the 8th mastery will be? Post your best guesses below!

Grim Misadventures will be taking a holiday hiatus. Have a happy and safe holiday season and a fantastic New Year, from everyone here at Crate Entertainment.

Check back on 01/09/17 as we resume our updates and start 2017!
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>spamming F5 for the last 30 minutes.
>actually first person to see update/new mastery.

Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
You skin their ass hairs off and sew yourself some pants on the spot.
Originally Posted by eisprinzessin View Post
Younghappy is back - everything will be good now

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second /10char
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im dead... thiis is just too aeewesommeeeeeee
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Oh my the sheer awesomeness

that spell reminds me of D2 inferno and the tone of the class is so Warhammer. I like this a lot. I mean a lot
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Megaaa awesomeeee
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Yes!!!! My body is ready!
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Next up..maybe the necro class? I can only imagine what else they bring us
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guns! ranged expertise!!!
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"How about a little hint? In a way, you already know what both masteries are called. You’ve met both actually in your adventures through Cairn"

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grim misadventure, masteries
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