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Originally Posted by medierra View Post
I'm looking forward to sharing exciting news in the new year, both for Grim Dawn and our new project.
Was so hopefull Med was meaning this new year when he posted that , so far no luck though. Keen for FG though, going to be back into a bunch of GD when that and the new 1.1 patch comes out, hoping its gonna make my Archanist a bit more viable and less 1shot-able.

Also a bit late to the party They Live, but thought this would be appropriate for you.

Oh yeah and hope everyone had fun over the newyear period.
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Well, hopefully it won't be too much longer.

Originally Posted by medierra View Post
As to the question someone asked about the "new project" - well, part of why we haven't shown much of it is due to team size restraints. When you announce / begin to show a game, you want to have some marketing art, a website or whatever set up so people interested can start following the game after that initial buzz... We have none of that yet. So far it's just seemed too painful try to take someone off development to put in the time for that peripheral stuff - yet, until we do that, it doesn't really make sense to announce / show the game.

We do need to get to it pretty soon though as it's nigh time we announced it.

The new project is looking pretty good now though imo - so currently it's just about getting our act together with the marketing side.
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Yeah, I'm starting to have serious hope that after the FG release cools down we'll see somthing, but I couldn't resist the chance to try and neadle Med for that comment :P. (now that I say that I hope I haven't awoken the wrath of Evil Med from his long slumber)
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Well i'm late on this i'know but i also wish everyone here an happy new year^^
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