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Default Playing with the interface turned off

It's me, John_Smith.
This time there will be no guide, just a little discussion.
After a lot of hours playing GD we are all looking how to entertain ourselves.
With GI we got option to turn off GD interface(ctrl+F1), so there is nothing stopping to admire the beauty of the GD world.

Sometimes I use this option as a challenge and trying to make 170 cruci.
There is a question, maybe someone of you do the same? Do you have charcters strong enough?

For example, one of spellbinder run. Not the best time, but what the hell, nothing is seen

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Nice work and piloting! Hm, we need more such runs with other builds as well.
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Canít see the run due to bad connection but Iím surprised you chose a binder. Itís the one class where you need to see UI most, imo.

Iíll pass on this challenge. I even enlarge my UI to make it easier to make out cooldowns/buffs/health at the cost of clickable screen size.

But itís an interesting thing and I might try it in main game in FG for more immersion. Thanks for letting us know.
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This vid confirms again, that 95% of success in Crucible is your piloting skill, not your build setup.
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Originally Posted by korsar View Post
This vid confirms again, that 95% of success in Crucible is playing Agrivix Spellbinder.
Fixed that for you
Check out my builds and guides to them (all Crucible Gladiator 150-170 capable) in my profile.
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crucible, spellbinder

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