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Sticks and Stones Inc. Proudly Presents - A Colourful Children Book for the Future Generation

[Opening Track Loreena Mckennitt - The Mystic's Dream]

1104 A.M. (Ad Malum) New Human Calendar - Almost 1000 years after Grim Dawn Catastophe...

[Farm Introduction Bonobo - Something for Windy]

Somewhere near the great and blistering Imperial Capital City there is a small farm. It's a quiet summer day, and the sun is shining furiously, it's rays falling down on two small children playing in the fields. There is a person sitting on veranda. It's an old man, probably a grandpa. Numerous scars are covering his face, touched by time. Nevertheless, he peacefully enjoys this day, while smoking his worn-out pipe. Everytime he glances over the children to ensure they're alright, a smile appears on his lips.
But there is actually a third child. All this time he was quietly standing in the shadows behind grandpa, watching his brother and sister playing tag. He's not really interested in joining them. Instead he goes over to grandpa.

Alone again? - asks him the old man.

I don't like playing games that much. I would rather read a book - he says shyly.

Grandpa laughs.

Yes, indeed. You grew up like your father... always reading some book about past, imagining yourself in the image of ancient heroes - he says while letting a huge smoke ring float to the horizon.

Is it bad? - asks the child.

Not really It depends upon how you view the world and it's people. However, that also can mean that such a person would always be alone. Wisdom and imagination comes at a steep price - answers grandpa.

I see - says the child with a serious look.

Grandpa thinks about something. Suddenly, he smiles and pulls a small drawing book out of his pocket.

Say, do you want to know how it was in ancient times? - he asks the child.

Child's eyes light with fiery excitement. But he quickly takes control.

Yes, please - he says, averting his gaze.

Grinning, grandpa opens the book...

__________________________________________________ __________

[The Threat of Aether PSU OST - Relics -Sleep-]

There was a time when humanity was put on it's knees by forces outside of our possible reach. The Aether invasion almost destroyed Cairn... the remnants of our kind were scattered everywhere. People were starving, there was not enough food and water. on top of that, THEY did experiments on us, to ensure that their war with Chthon would go as planned. Our cities were lying in ruins, pillaged, burned to the ground.

[Chthon Arrival PSO2 OST - Unfathomable Darkness]

Aether were not only our enemies, though. From the deepest and darkest depth of horror, knows as Void, rose another threat. It was Chthon, a god who demanded our blood for his own sacrifice. His followers, fanatics imbued with madness, marched through the already suffering land killing innocents and sacrificing people for their god. Humanity was caught between these two factions, like a sword between hammer and anvil.

[Humanity Uprising X3: Reunion xTended Mod OST - Earth]

But this time we remembered that we are not alone. Through eons humanity percevered agains the most impossible odds. We adapted to any danger. We learned our enemies, we studied their philosophies and how to counter them. Cairn was our land and some stupid ghost filth along with bloody idiots can't stop our march to freedom.

[Humanity Unites Octopath Traveller Music]

And so, we learned to share. Stupid war and disputes between ourselves, quite artificial in nature, stopped. For the rare occasion... humanity united. We united against a common enemy. We united to take back our land - our home. This was our right and our mission. Our voices were heard as one - and so Aetherials and Chthonians shivered. It was a mistake to come here. And we made sure that they would learn this painful lesson forever.
__________________________________________________ ___________

Grandpa closes the book and looks upon his grandson's face. It is shining brightly, lit with fiery resolve. Old man smiles and exhales deeply.

What you see today, young one, is the result of humanity's bond. No matter what position we are in, no matter the obstacles - we will always unite and prevail against our enemies. Remember - evil always shines brightly before dawn. And not a grim one... but full of hopes and dreams - says he, while inhaling another round from his pipe.

[Closing Track Atelier Iris Grand Phantasm OST - Melodies of Distant Time]
A Taste of Things to come soon...

Cadence falls on the skull,
It cracks with a thunderous roar,
A Raging Beast in pain.
It screams, it tears the flesh, it crushes the bones...
With the Force of a thousand Bulls,
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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