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Default Uruboruuk's Armor Set Cosplay!

Hi long time player semi-lurker on these forums, I decided earlier this year I would make Uruboruuk's Armor Set and I've been chipping away at it for a solid 4-5 months. As this was my first attempt at this kind of cosplay it took quite some time and I'm afraid I wasn't able to get the level of detail I wanted and the proportions are a bit off. I think, for the level of my experience (I do paint and sculpt besides) everything came out pretty well!

I recently took the costume to Spooky Empire in Orlando, but everyone thought I was Skeletor, which was partly because its so fun to do that voice. Here are some shots from my Instagram, very un-creatively named @the.crawling.chaos I'm sorry to say.

There are some progress photos of the construction, mostly the mask and some sculpty-bits I was able to take a break from or when I had the forethought to take pictures.

Most of the armor bits are made out of EVA foam with the cowl and hanging bits made out of linen (I had trouble matching the right color, so my fabric type choices were reduced) with some polymer clay with foil base on the bone-fans, the teeth for the mask which was mostly Paper Clay and the hanging bones off the fabric things. The horns were made out of foil and masking tape, which did not turn out as nice as I'd wanted them to. The paint was based plasti-dip for most of the foam and acrylic for the color with acrylic sealers where appropriate. All "rivets" are googly eyes.

I know I'm missing a couple details, mainly the diadem on the cowl, the border on that, the bone along the skirt (which are not visible in the male version I found, leading to some last-minute confusion and compromises) as well as some detail straps and fabric. The arms are as close as I could get to some white-rarity arm guards and probably my first concession as I could not find gloves that would look good with -any- of the styles and fit on my skinny hands without looking silly.

I'd like to thank mamba for helping me figure out how to use the Viewer tool so I could get a better look at the armor without which I probably would have given up or resorted to more arcane methods of viewing the models. I'd also like to thank Crate for making such a visually interesting game which only makes me want to try again with (hopefully) a less complicated armor set or character.

Feel free to ask any questions or give any tips on how to improve, I'm always learning! Hopefully I posted this in the right place!

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Amazing work!

Get anything good out of the greenscreen?
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Great to see. I just posted a thread the other day asking if anyone was using a GD character for cosplay and here you are doing so.
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That looks awsome! Very creative, wish I were so creative.
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Looks dope! Nice done!
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Nice one!

+50 cool points for making it yourself, too.

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Originally Posted by Ceno View Post
Amazing work!

Get anything good out of the greenscreen?

I have no idea who they were, they just asked me to stand in front of the screen I think its from the event, Spooky Empire if you are near Orlando, Florida give it a shot next time they have it, I think its once in April and once in October.
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Great job on the costume!
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