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Old 07-16-2018, 10:07 PM
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Nice, I am making a similar build now. Question, how do you make it until you can get to Aether Ray/Tainted Power? I mostly built my warlock around Dreeg's Evil Eye and Bloody Pox and just poured skill points into Arcanist until I got to level 20, then I could use Void Bolts or whatever they are called that gives Chaos Bolts as a left-click skill. They consume a lot of energy but I am getting to the Warden and the bolts usually one-shot everything so far.
Also, devotion-wise, wouldn't the ultimate goal of any Chaos/Vitality build would be Dying God? Just wondering why you did not go in that direction. Also, the Chaos arm of Abomination.
I do wonder whether I want to incorporate Sigil of Consumption, given how that skill is only good for melee if the enemy actually kindly stops running and stands in it. I have a Cabalist who uses it to great effect, I could facetank the Loghorrean with the sigil easily. But for a caster, I think the Ritual Circle the set gives you should be enough. Of course, will take me ages to complete this set, only ever found the blueprint for the helm...
I'm thinking of rather using Doom Bolt as a right-click skill for area damage/boss killer. I see the set - the mythical version - gives bonuses to devastation, however only converts 25% of the Aether damage to Chaos sadly. Any way to convert more of it?
I dunno why you gave so many points to Olexara's Flash Freeze, as it does cold damage, something this build doesn't do. For protection, I'd rather add those into Mirror of Ereoctes. Also, Fabric of Reality adds some nice passive chaos damage, worth at least one point or more. Frankly, 12 points into that skill gives +100% Chaos, while the same into Second Rite only 85% and it has to be toggled, draining mana. It also gives you energy leech %... though not sure how you can get such damage, maybe with items?

Also not sure why so many posters ignore the Vitality aspect of this build... the Tainted Power Aether Ray, due to its secondary modifier skill, does Lightning 100% converted to Vitality. And in my experience I think monsters got a high vitality resistance because even with that, Vitality somehow does a LOT of damage. I found that going through Veteran with a melee Chaos/Vitality Cabalist was a breeze, especially while standing in a Sigil of Consumption I could heal more than the enemy could do damage.

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Old 07-17-2018, 03:45 AM
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goddammit i read that first line as "with the release of 1.0.7" and immediately pooped my pants
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albrecht's aether ray, arcanist, occultist, sigil of consumption, warlock

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