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Originally Posted by krell_154 View Post
I can understand complaints of the new Iskandra set lacking damage, but what i can't understand is the complaint that it lacks identity. I feel that only now it has an identity,a s compared to before.
yeah but it's not Iksandric. it's not a big deal ofc but it's weird to have an Iksandra set supporting a Trozan skill. but as others have said there was no ideal solution, cause Iksandra supports weapon users and Arcanist is more a caster oriented mastery.
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Then change the name of this set to something other than Iskandra and make a new Iskandra set for weapon using warrior mages.
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Originally Posted by tituspullo View Post
It is really unflavorful, that Iskandra's set doesn't revolve around Iskandra's Elemental Exchange and martial combat. "Iskandra was a master of conversion, turning martial weapons into conduits for the arcane. Her unusual attunement to martial combat required that proper defenses be raised." >>> Martial combat was her trademark, her set should build upon this specialty.

With the current iteration, they should modify the set's flavor text to "Carefully preserved regalia of Master Iskandra, worn on the day she stole the spell which was Trozan's namesake."
Agreed. To all the complaints about the IU set not having an identity; it did. It was a martial-focused Arcanist-centric set. It didn't do a great job of it, but that could have been addressed by making the set into a 4 piece Elemental melee set. Here are the changes I would have made to the old set:

1) Remove the off-hand and make it a separate Legendary. Elemental TSS mods could be put on the newly single item off-hand where you could use it with the other TSS sets, but change the damage type to Elemental.
2) Change the amulet to a pair of gloves to make the set a 4-piece set like the Justicar Armor
3) The set needs some +% AS in the set completion
4) I haven't thought about specific bonuses to skills, but I think it should have been changed to focus on Arcanist, Inquisitor and probably Shaman as class combos and changing skills as necessary to support Elemental melee.

The issues I am having with the current set change is the following:
1) Loss of -15% Cunning for melee weapons hurts class combos that need it to equip swords, like my N&O melee Pyromancer. This means less Physique and more Cunning to equip resulting in a loss of much needed DA for that class combo specifically, but also for my Mage Hunter as well.
2) Loss of about 120 DA from the set. Really hurts my Pyromancer even more when combined with the first point above. In addition, the Bargoll's Heart DW MH (from thejabrixone) I have been playing suffers quite a bit with this as well.
3) Loss of IEE points combined with loss of the Amulet skill means losing 24% Physical Damage to Elemental conversion and some flat Elemental as well. My Mage Hunter lost about 30% of my total Damage overall.

Tri-Elemental builds can be decent, but we need a set to support it. Iskandra was already partly there, but the changes really gutted it's use in melee. Hopefully there is a set coming that will address this in the next big patch.

These may not be the best ideas, but I think it would be a start to support the old set theme.
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