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Originally Posted by Gumshoe View Post
I agree with the buttons/font looking a bit out of place, maybe a bit dated. Would it be better to have a panel (like part of inventory window) with the options in it, rather than individual buttons, or even just the text without buttons in a nice neat font (For example)?
Hmm, that might be the way to go. We were just talking about how we didn't really like the buttons there but hadn't come up with a better solution. It's funny how sometimes the simplest, most obvious answer eludes us.
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add a giant monster so it walks down the road smashes stuff in its way that would look awesome
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I havent really posted here much so i thought id throw in my 2 cents, i agree about the buttons maybe do something like you have in the header for your web site, you know the home, about, ect. buttons how it looks like the font kind of sticks out with the shadow behind. Other than that fantastic job guys keep up the bloody awsome work.
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It looks pretty cool, i like this dark feeling of it There is something in the darkness of the Shadow
And I think it´s a really god main menu. So much details and it looks like HD
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I LOVE Survival Mode WEEEeeee............

The Main Menu look great, dont want to compare to other games.
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10-May-2010 12:22:54 PM
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ahh drat, should have realised what survival mode was, but there is no reason why it can't remain a survival mode after the game is released? maybe a way of getting some items that aren't in the main game? so I wouldn't ditch it just like that, as I think a mini game of sorts to test your playing skills, would be an interesting idea, so I hope it remains,
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Good Stuff Medierra. Considering how much time I spend appreciating the main menu I have to say the work you've already done is fantastic. I'd much rather see that limited perfection doled out to gameplay mechanics, loot, monsters, loot, animations, loot and balance. Oh and also loot.

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Seal of Approval. Honestly I don't have much issue with opening menu screens as long as the game can quickly be started.

One thought did come into my head. Someone already commented about making the scene interactive; how about using the menu screen as a sort of debug tool? Allow players to use any skill and spawn any number of units. In a ways, it would give people a chance to experiment freely with skills without consumption of time/investment, have a bit of freedom without making a custom game and maybe someone would rather see 50 zombies disappear in one fiery explosion before every game.
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One idea for the buttons would be to drag them down with chains, something like they did in Warcraft 3;

Also, is the logo of Grim Dawn animated? It might be cool to see some minor animation between the letters..
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Sweet! I like the scenery overall, it has a certain depth and vibrancy to it with the deep blacks and warm highlights.

If I was going to nitpick, the first thing that comes to mind is the rocks and trees to the left. They look alright but I felt the firebarrel drew my eyes to an area where there wasn't much going on with the big surface areas of normal maps, which is a bit uninteresting when you got so much other cool stuff going on with the road and house.
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lore, user interface
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