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Post D3 Mod Editing

Hey guys,

I'm trying to edit some of the demon hunter abilities on the mod (through AssetManager) but whenever it loads, the d3 mastery pages are blank. Help?

After trying to just redownload the d3 files and paste/replaced in even a single change, the game doesn't show the d3 masteries at all. I found it also does this even if I have directly copied base d3 files and then pasted in something FROM THE ORIGINAL FILE.

Maybe I'm just ignorant, but other than the file name change (DiabloIII - Copy), shouldn't the files be exactly identical? Why would one work and the other not?

Also, just building the files without pasting anything in works just fine.

I'm pretty confused. Hopefully someone can help.

Update1: Just confirmed that COPYING the working file and then running that also doesn't display the d3 masteries.
I'm so incredibly confused. Haha.

Update2: Alright so, I have learned the importance of not changing file names. Apparently adding a single letter to the end of the mod folder (or - copy) will cause the masteries to not load. At this point, I've hit a different brick wall.
When I edit the \database\record\skills\playerclass_demonhunter skill .dbr files, no change takes effect on the game (having rebuilt to solidify changes). I guess I have no idea what to do from here? :/

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