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Default A Grim Expansion is calling...

In today's livestream, we had a little treat saved for the end...something that's been asked about for a long time.

Today, we are pleased to reveal the logo for the upcoming expansion!

The next question is naturally going to be: Well, when's it gonna be released?

While we're not quite ready to give you an exact date at this time, Q3 of 2017 is still looking good with closed testing of the expansion well under way.

That said, we are going to take as long as is needed to make sure the expansion is a polished and awesome experience for you, and for that reason we can't give an exact day quite yet. You can be sure though that it will be released posthaste.
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Oow yeah the hype is real!!!
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Hnnnnnnnnngh~<3 my body is ready!!!
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That artwork looks amazing! You guys are the best!
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I feel like I should brush up on my cursing. 😀
Don't read this.
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I can't wait to laugh at all the complaining about deliberately walking into green goo and letting it kill you

Artwork is nice, definitely screams aetherial.
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Oh yeah...
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Love that green glow

cool reveal
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Very nice indeed.

And a nice little bit of Ch'thonian red at the top too...
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This is exciting. The logo looks really cool. Turns out the light at the end of the tunnel is aetherfire after all.

Also, does this mean I can use the south for the setting of my Grim Dawn tabletop without busting anything?
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