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Posted this on the Nuclear Launch detected thread but might as well continue it here:

Ok, after a long time of inactivity here (although I kept lurking the forums from time to time) I just kicked in $35. Maybe I'll be able to up my pledge when Crate know exactly how much it'll be for the boxed version and whether it will include a Mac version or not. I'm really just hoping someone makes a decent WINE wrapper in order to play this game on Mac OS X

PS: I look remarkably like Arthur... except he's white and I'm of Hispanic origins. Am I or are you my clone?
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Whoa, that's amazing. Great work, everybody. And congratulations Crate! I'm so freaking excited!!
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I lurk behind harlequ1n.
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After watching that there is no doubt in my mind you will get your "goal" and more. I'm more then happy to pitch in.

Keep up the honesty and straightforward mentality you'll at the very least, always get a purchase from this house hold.

Best of luck,

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Originally Posted by jmb42088 View Post
I have NO idea how much it costs I was just thinking it might get more $50 pledges, but if the cost to Crate isn't worth it, then that's cool. Like I said, just thinking out loud.
That's cool. . Glad for all the support they can get.
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medierra is partying, too
Originally Posted by Crate Entertainment
Haha, good one Steve!
I just opened a celebratory special beer with my wife to celebrate $100k - awesome work people!
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Great progress. People are showing their appreciation for the hard work you guys have been putting in over the past couple of years. It's fantastic really.
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Congratulations with first $100K - you've got 1/3 of the goal in 1,5 days I can't help but remind that didn't I told you? It is pretty without any doubt you will rise $280K in the given time.
Yet don't just sit down and celebrate Prepare new teasers (pictures of waypoints like here (see update #3)) what would you do if you get $500K and $1M. I strongly belive you will need them soon.
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Over 105K now! You guys have to be thrilled with the progress this thing's making. Looking forward to seeing some new screenshots or videos in the near future.
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This is awesome!

I have a question since I'm totally new to kickstarting projects and such. I've allready got the legendary key, but if I want to support through the kickstarter also, what's the best way of doing it? I can see the different kickstarter values on the site, but it feels unnecessary to obtain a second key - just want to support.
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