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When I first heard the opening notes to "Lament", it reminded me of Chrono Trigger, when you get thrown into the dismal future, to take command of the Epoch. Good times, good times. Keep up the good work.
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i was in mood of such music. thank you so much for sharing.
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Been listening all night to the playlist and all songs really add and fits
perfectly with the personality Grim Dawn game has been developping
through all that has been annouced and shown so far, really a great
job at doing that and also being a music that is really emotionally
intense and deep while leaving the listener completely free to focus also on
other things like playing :P (so a non-obtrusive deep music).

And dito on all good comments so far.

(The complete opposite to what have been done in the music department
would have been like having a colossal budget and added Celine Dion or
Mariah Carey histerically shouting like they do the best, because the
overpayed marketing managment would have decided it would make huge
sales )

(Previous parenthesis just to say damn I love Crate and a lot indie
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Default Lament

Love this -- my favorite track.

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Originally Posted by stuartpierce View Post
Love this -- my favorite track.

agreed easily my favorite. I get a vibe it will be on the main menu of the game during character creation etc.
Blood for the Blood god!
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Default music section

I think its great what you guys are doing.
The music sounds so well-fitting for a dark bloody game.

Never stop communicating with your fans, this is what makes you special and a very interesting producer. Good luck with the game and I hope it will be as awesome as it looks.

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this is my favourite track too, so awesome but sad and dark at the same time, its a masterpiece of song making
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Default Shhhhh....

I leave the sound FX and turn music down in other games and just play this is the background! :-)

Love it!

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Dark and relaxing theme

Love it! Keep it working!
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It stirs similar emotion to the famous tristram theme although the tracks are quite different. I think this will fit nicely with a "safe place" hub of some sort. You enter a place where the last remnants of humanity are trying to scrape by and all you see is dirt, ruin and despair. Sullen children are running around in dirty and ripped clothe, few adults going around their business the the expression on the face that can only mean, "I'd rather be dead." You get the picture!
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