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I also support your idea, apart from avoiding repetitive situations, you could also manipulate quest items to spawn in different locations, so as to have another reason to explore the map(like to wealthy collector before Chang'an but on a larger scale).

keep the up good work!!
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great stuff! really like it. didn't expect comes to this stage already. hopes it will make it in the release. of course if it will make it, then it will affect largely on gameplay, questing and looting and replayability.

keep the up good work??
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Originally Posted by Dobster View Post
This is sounding so good, really wasn't expecting things like that to be in the game.
From the screen shots the world looks detailed and interesting so I didnt think it could be improved futher by pushing more mesh/texture/shaders/effects than what has already been added. This randomization was a good choice. I look forward to playing/replaying my favorite builds.
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I like the idea of "creating a bunch of different possible routes and then randomly closing some of them off with dynamically generated obstacles"! U never know what going to happen in the next corner~
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This is has to be one of the most interesting and exciting updates for me in a long time. I am really glad to see how much detail is being put into Grim Dawn. I've been sold on the game for many, many months now, but this is the kind of the stuff that is going to make it easier to sell it to my friends. Thanks medierra and Crate!
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I love the idea of randomization, and making the game a bit different every time. I used to love Diablo 2, since there was always so much area and it was never the same. But I notice there that it's more of a timesink now (as compared to when I was young and timesinks were fine). Generating big, bland lands that take you hours just to get to the next quest are lame. I appreciate the straightforward nature of TQ, and it works better in friendly multiplayer since people know where to go forwards. We can all keep as a partying group, banding together and not fighting over which way to desperately search for the next quest. TQ was greatly sized, but the static nature made Greece and Egypt get somewhat boring (admittedly after probably 80 play-throughs of those lands). This system sounds about perfect.
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The very idea that your going to hold to a basic layout of routes but generate the scenery around these routes and modify the paths create a replayability that will only breath life into the game for years to come.

This was my one and only thing holding back the game, if anything was at all. Creating even a slightly different zone/map during a play though helps more than you can imagine.

I support this idea with all the fibers of my gamer soul.
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i have to say!!! dont rusk out the game and just make it great allaround.
super news to see what you all are up to.
i gladly wait one more year!!!
been here allready one year and you just keep make me smile and make me thinking what a game GD will become!!!

+10 to Crate
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Great ideas and I hope that the randomization makes repeated new character play throughs a lot more interesting and fun. This game just keeps getting better all the time.
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I have a question about the partial randomization, medierra says,
They currently randomize each time you enter the game.
Is this for everytime you enter the game or every new game? It will be cool if some things randomize each time you enter the game such as NPCs and camp objects and the natural scenery changes only for every new game. Sorry if ive misunderstood this.

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