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Default AoM questions

So I'm a new player. I have two characters, one lvl 80 in act 2 ultimate and the other level 50, just unlocked elite. So I got AoM and just had a couple questions.

First I was curious what is the best way to handle the expansion while leveling? I don't really want to be max level and still have all of ultimate to play through. At that point I don't think story content is going to hold my attention, I would just want to farm dungeons.

My other question is related to the new classes. Do items drop in the base game designed for the new classes? I'm talking about low level set items, items with +skills for those classes and such? Or do those items only drop in the expansion zones?
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In normal i recommend gather the devotions shrines, elite too, but the areas in expansion are like a whole difficult ahead, so because of that i advise to just skip them util ultimate, after you get the devotion points of couse
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Items with skill bonuses for the new classes can drop anywhere in the game. The warden for example drops an MI that benefits the necromancer for example.

My advice is do veteran up to the point you finish the clearing of the steelcap district way point and get your reputation with malmouth up to friendly so as you play through elite and ultimate you can gain rep for the new AoM factions. Also completing up to the steelcap district will mean you will only miss one devotion shrine which is handy because unlocking devotion shrines is cheaper in veteran in terms of components. By the time you finish elite and are ready to jump into Ultimate you can have 50 devotion points so you only have to gather five devotion shrines in ultimate.

If you don't want to be max level when you hit ultimate then I would skip AoM content in elite and skip those side missions in the campaign that don't net you something important
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I personally go through AoM on all 3 difficulties. Though I find it hardest in Veteran, or at least, I get surprised in Veteran the most, due to resistance requirements in AoM that cannot easily be met with Veteran level gear. I mostly do as Woofknight said, except that if I already reached Steelcap district, I just go ahead and finish it. It only takes 45 mins to finish.

But, in order to keep my level down (I use Malmouth exp potions), I do not clear all areas out anywhere. I mostly stick to the main quests only, and I do not uncover all the maps, except when AoM was new to learn where everything was. This keeps my level down, and going through the game fast, as keeping my attention is a problem now I've done the game so many times.

I like to hit Ultimate somewhere between 90-94. Mainly because I do not want to regear my toon until I hit level 94, when I can wear all my new gear. Reworking the character twice is annoying.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I took my lvl 80 back to elite to do the expansion zones and oh boy, I died a lot. I'm sailing pretty easily through ultimate, rarely dying. AoM on elite seems an awful lot harder than acts 1-3 on ultimate. I think I died 20 times on the last boss in Malmouth, mostly in the first phase.

I'm actually running into another problem with ultimate though. Nothing but level 94 gear drops from the bosses, so I'm kinda stuck in level 75-82 gear. It's like I'm in this awkward in between state since the bosses are higher than me in ultimate but too low in elite, leaving this kind of dead zone for epic/legendary drops.
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