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Old 08-02-2017, 03:31 PM
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Nice build OP! I've been playing around with the AAR for a bit and found that focussing on has a lot to offer!

Sadly, I never got to finish the build. I died early 72 making a careless mistake. RIP. The build was close to this (was finishing up elite. I did have almost all my res values capped): http://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aklmZ4

Anyhow, as I leveled I noticed most of my gear could be found with aether and elemental that supported the ray. My devotions had plenty of chaos. This made it easy to use either aether or chaos for leveling. I almost exclusively used chaos since aetherials have insane aether res. I tried changing it to aether in BoC runs. Didn't notice a big difference. The ray was able to kill almost all heroes in under 3 seconds. Rather crazy. The gear I used was primarily crafted or from factions. Some pretty nice faction gear goes a long ways.

I loved using the Magi for AoE to help the ray clear. Once I got the meteor I switched over to it. At lvl 68 I put on two of the burning hand rings with a high conversion of aether to fire. I then switched the ray over to aether. I equipped an Iskandra relic once I hit 70. At that point I was hitting around 120k dps. I found that making sure you have your cast speed maxed made a huge difference in dmg. Note: I would have tried to optimize the remaining aether dmg from devotions, but I didn't want to give up the extra poison res, health, and OA from the abomination.)

Sadly, I died before I got to finalize the build. I went ahead and messed around with a soft core toon that had been fully geared out to support a fire ray. With Iskandra's relic I was able to sustain around 147k dps from just the ray.

I found that it works really well with either warlock or sorcerer builds. I think sorcerer would be preferred since it has blast shield and flame touched. I think I would still have my toon if I had that extra save from blast shield.

Anyhow, I think fire might be the highest raw dmg from just the ray. I think with optimization of the augments/ gear it would be possible to easily maintain 150k+ dos from the ray. It was laughable at how fast I could kill pretty much anything, as long as I did not get surrounded that is. Amazing build for party play. The build quickly became the hero killer.
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Old 09-13-2017, 09:52 PM
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It doesn't look like SoH is a good idea anymore without the %Aether Damage. There has to be a better devotion skill for an AAR build.
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aar, aether, caster, sorcerer

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