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Default A message to the community

After a recent mishap on the forums, we would like to take this opportunity to address the community and in particular ask the population of elders on this site for assistance.

As you are aware, alpha is not far off and this site will continue to see more and more traffic as the game nears release. While I know that many of you feel invested in this site and cringe to think what will happen when you have to share it with the masses, that time is approaching and we need to prepare.

Sometimes, as a moderator, it can be quite confusing as to what is right and wrong, and this latest situation is a perfect example. I use the New Posts button more times a day than I should and I was also annoyed to see necro after necro, but it was a human (ie not a bot) and this human was super excited about the game, a symptom that we all share. So I was willing to let it go, in hopes that he would wear himself out and settle into our community. But that was maybe the wrong tactic on my part as things got out of hand.

In the future, please bring issues that bother you or that you feel need moderator attention directly to a moderator. We will determine whether there is need for intervention and step in if necessary or privately address the individual in question. Please don't take it upon yourselves to correct other users, this is only likely to result in conflict, which makes more work for moderators and Crate staff. It also can give new users a bad vibe and turn potential fans away from the game and community here.

If you feel a thread has been necroed without merit, you only make things worse when you follow up with your own post. Instead, do not respond but, if you think something needs to be said, contact a moderator allow them to say it.

You have 2 options: you can use the report button which will send us all an email with your concern and a link to the post in question, or you can send PMs to one or more of the moderators. I think the report button is the easier method as the email is sent to everyone, but the moderators are here for you and you should all feel free to PM us if you think there is an issue that requires our attention. (Not just to tell us what color socks you are wearing or what you ate for breakfast, but for issues relating to the quality of this site )

But please do not express your concern directly in the thread. Do not attack people and do not allow small situations to escalate. Even comments that aren't outright attacks like "Did you not see this thread is over a year old?" can be read as abrasive or snarky in voiceless, toneless text, even if that wasn't the intention. There will be moments where this gets tough as you see your beloved small community grow into a mass of people that cannot possibly share your opinions nor conduct themselves as you have grown accustomed to. But that is life and the alternative means certain doom for Crate, which is something I bet none of us can tolerate.
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Nice post Jiaco. I know usually the mods on this forums aren't really "mods" in that not a lot of threads are locked and not a lot of people are banned, usually (from what I can tell) all of you guys are just normal forumites compared to how mods have to act on larger forums. Sadly, just like you said, as a forum gets bigger the more and more it is needed to be policed. I think the best thing we can do is to just simply accept that fact. We can report people if required, but I think the most important thing is to just accept that this place will change for the better or the worse (depending on who you ask).

P.S. Somehow your post says it was edited tomorrow. I have no idea how that happened.

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Originally Posted by Thelionheart View Post
P.S. Somehow your post says it was edited tomorrow. I have no idea how that happened.
(that's because it's his signature :P)
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Excellent post.

Hopefully the Grim Dawn forums will continue to be a great community and that their will be little conflict.
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Originally Posted by DeMasked View Post
Excellent post.

Hopefully the Grim Dawn forums will continue to be a great community and that their will be little conflict.
"Great Community"
" Little conflict"

Pick one and only one.

This is how I see things it's sad but true.

Once a site or video game starts getting more popular eventually it's going to attract people who follow what the majority of the other people do. Unfortunately a lot of these people are not bright or open minded. I've seen this happen with Youtube and the COD community over the years. Not just those two I could write a list .

The only thing we can really do is what Jiaco is saying or posted on this thread. Report people and issues and such and such.
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Jiaco when the forums become overrun with trolls and internet tough guys please use the following without mercy.

Image of a Ban Hammer!
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No worries, I made this account in anticipation for alpha but I've lurked enough to know the basics of this forum.
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Ya, as the forum users and player base expands, you'll have more and more management issues.

I doubt there is a sure shot solution to spams, bots, trolls, just gotta deal with it and create a good community that isn't bothered by it because they like the game and Crate.

Stickys help. Imagine what Blizzard goes thru. I mean, I know they have much more man power, but, they still prolly have to filter out loads of trolls, whiners, scammers and bots. But, meh, they deserve it. Just saying, probably there are just things that come with moderating that are annoying and will never go away.
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Very well said, jiaco, let's keep this place nice and friendly as it's always been (same with TQ's). =)

Good job!
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Great job, this topic needed to be picked up and spoken avout. +1 for good post
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