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Default baldurs gate and NWN

Will always play these, but lately its all GD, but i go back and because there that good.
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I tried playing Neverwinter Nights 2 a long time ago. Didn't get far since I am kinda awful at managing a whole team of characters xp But I did like the story and the world. Big fan of the Forgotten Realms books, too.
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Had played several years ago.
NWN just changed me…
Baldur gate was amazing
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Yeah loved baldur's, icewind dale, temple of elemental evil and nwn 1 and 2. I was fine with old advanced dungeons and dragons ruleset. I was a big fan of 3.5 ruleset. Recently i tried tyranny ( free weekend on steam) and wtf is that crappy ruleset? Everything is flat, charcter building is monodimensional and that clickfest on real time with pause...

Played like 48 mins and uninstalled.
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I still think Planescape:Torment is a far better game then the BG series. Then again, the BG series is better for combat, PS:T is better for story. as for NWN, its not a bad game, but a bit weak for combat and story, especially as you can't control a full team like the above mentioned games.

I had POE:deadfire installed, but not played it yet, there is a big 1.1 patch coming that should hopefully fix a lot of bugs, so will wait for that before I play that game. POE wasn't a bad game. but not played tyranny, so can't comment on that.
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I truly love NWN, and it has been my first experience in multiplayer online games. I spent so many hours on the Aurora Toolset I hope to see a similar feature in another game sooner or later.
I tried BG and NWN2 but they did not attract me as the first NWN.
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A little bit late to the party, but:

I played all the old Bioware games back when they were released. Planescape: Torment is by far the best of them storywise with Baldur´s Gate 2 in second place.

Baldur´s Gate is fun when you´re new to these games and Icewind Dale I + II are the best when you want to make up your own party.

Never played NWN...can´t say why. But I really recommend to try the Enhanced Editions of all these games made by Beamdog.

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Beamdog's EEs are crap. NWN's OC is crap, SoU and HotU are alright but not great, some of the premium modules that came out are pretty decent.

Baldur's Gate is honestly pretty mediocre in most spots, BG2 is better but vastly overrated. Icewind Dale is the better game.
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Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
Icewind Dale is the better game.
Planscape Tormnet is the best.
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Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
Baldur's Gate is honestly pretty mediocre in most spots, BG2 is better but vastly overrated. Icewind Dale is the better game.
Partly disagree.

Icewind Dale is just nonstop action with AD&D rules. Theres not much depth in story, characters or anything else. If youre the combat- and party-tuning-focused type of player it might win out vs BG 1, which honestly didnt age too well and isnt exactly a monumental game on its own.

BG2 on the other hand is a completely different caliber. In certain aspects it loses to other games but overall and as a whole it is just plain fantastic. You really have to nitpick with BG2 to find something to criticise. You can do pretty much everything you could do in IWD and have loads of (great) content and story on top.

Edit: PS:T was fantastic too. Very atmospheric, memorable characters. BG2 was a lot beefier though without beeing bloated.

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