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Default [Idea] Storm Spread - Is this possible?

I have two ideas-

1. Vitality Lightning/Aether Lightning-

Storm Spread's animation is pretty cool. It'd be fun to see an item granted skill that grants us Vitality Lightning that uses re-textured Storm Spread sfx

I mean it'd be really great to solve the general lack of Vitality Lightning themed skills (we have 2 atm)

Either that or make something like that for Aether Lightning. I am fine either way. Since both Aether Lightning and Vitality Lightning theme could use some attention imo

2. Runic Bolts-

Since almost every other non-class default attack modifier uses the charge based template. It'd be a nice change of pace for Runic Bolts to use a Cadence template only this time instead of the third hit activating Cadence WPS, it activates Storm Spread WPS
Naturally re-texturing would be required so that the player doesn't get confused b/w it and the actual WPS
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