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Looking For:

Mythical Warborn Set
Mythical Ring of the Black Matriarch
Mythical The Peerless Eye of Beronath
Mythical Colossal Grasp
Badge of Mastery (+3 Cadence or Better)

Stonehide Solael-Sect Legguards of Nature's Bounty
Incorruptible Gollus' Ring of Readiness

I trade for materials too

I Have:

BOM + 3 Maiven's Sphere of Protection / + 2 Ring of Steel - Trading for Mats or BOM + Cadence
BOM + 3 Belgothian's Shears / + 2 Grasping Vines - Trading for Mats or BOM + Cadence
BOM + 3 Dreeg's Evil Eye / + 2 Callidor's Tempest - Trading for Mats or BOM + Cadence
BOM + 3 Devouring Swarm / + 2 Savagery - Trading for Mats or BOM + Cadence

Devil's Cage Hauberk x2
Codex of Lies x2
Vortex of Souls x3
Mindwarp x2
Death Omen
Crimson Spike x2
Exonerator x2
Blood Orb of Ch'thon
Codex of Agrivix
Invoker's Blaze x2
Tome of the Arcane Wastes x2
Venomspine Greaves x2
Stormtitan Treads x2
Wraithwalkers x3
Fiend's Resolve
Deathwishper Leggings x2
Crystallum x2
Handguards of Justice
Beastcaller’s Shroud
Infernal Knight's Girdle
Grasp of Unchained Might
Harbinger's Grasp
Windshear Greaves x3
Chestguard of Justice x2
Demonslayer's Defense
Markovian's Platemail
Demonslayer's Life-Ender
Colossal Grasp
Barrelsmith's Salvo
Iceskorn Talons x2
Thornhide Legguards
Light's Defender Plate
Golemborn Greaves
Blade Breaker Sash
Hellforged Legplates
Dawnbreaker's Sledge x2
Spark of Ultos
The Adversary
Arcane Harmony Leggings
Obsidian Juggernaut
Will of Bysmiel
Deathdealer's Sidearm
Voidwalker Footpads x2
Fateweaver's Leggings
Bloodsong x2
Iskandra's Pauldrons
Basilisk Claw
Korvoran's Chestguard
Ulto's Stormseeker
Wildblood Girdle
Brutallax x2
Wrath of the Ascendant
Grim Fate x2
Footpads of the Grey Magi
Boneshatter Treads
Wildshorn Legguards
Razor of the Venomblade
Screams of the Aether
Fiendmaster Raiment
Wildblood Crusher
Boneweave Leggings
Lifegiver Signet
The Northern Wyrm
Reforged Chains of Oleron
Sash of the Bloodlord
Wyrmbone Handguards
Barrelsmith's Crossfire
Temporal Tempest
Ulzuin's Flamespreader x2
The Adversary
Dread Armor of Azragor
Handguards of Justice
Girdle of Stolen Dreams
Guthook Belt
Warborn Gavel
Venomskin Legwraps
Spellscourge Deflector
Spellscourge Vanguard
The Grey Knight

Mythical Stuff:

Mythical Temporar Tempest
Mythical Dread Knight's Legplates
Mythical Shroud of Illusion
Mythical Demonslayer's Life-Ender
Mythical Fiendflesh Greaves
Mythical Fateweaver's Leggings
Mythical Anderos' Amplifier
Mythical Gladiator's Distinction
Mythical Infernal Knight's Girdle
Mythical Earthsplitter
Mythcal Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind
Mythical Soulcatcher
Mythical Lifegiver Signet
Mythical Raka'Jax
Mythical Boneweave Leggings
Mythical Starfury Emerald
Mythical Signet of the Fallen

I Can Craft (Your Mats):

Badge Of Mastery
Reforged Chains of Oleron
Tinker's Ingenuity
Abyssal Mask
Beastcaller's Cowl
Mythical Bloodrager's Cowl
Clairvoyant's Hat
Conduit of Undying Whispers
Cowl of the Venomblade
Deathmarked Hood
Demonslayer's Hat
Mark of Consuption
Mask of the Harbinger
Maw of Despair
Valdun's Hat
Visage of the Black Flame
Warborn Visor
Whisperer of Secrets


Just PM or add me on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030849141/

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I need:

Warborn Chestward
Blademaster´s Talisman
Albrecht´s Duality
Warborn Visor
Warborn Pauldrons
Reforged Chains of Oleron

I have:


Grasp of Unchained Might
Light´s Defender
Voidsteel Gauntlets
Colossal Grasp
Iceskorn Talons
Touch of the Everliving Grove
Bonescavenger´s Deathgrips


Windshear Graves
Wyrmscale Foodwards
Venomspine Greaves
Footpads of the grey magi


DeathWisper Leggins
Hellforged Legplates
Stormcage Legguards
Pretty Great Pants
Boneweave Leggins
Thornhide Legguards
Wraithborne Legwraps
Chausses of Barbaros
Arcane Armony Leggins

Legendary Off-Hand:

Tome of the Arcane Wastes
Skull of Gul´Amash
Blood Orb of Ch´thon
Invoker´s Blaze
Codex of Agrivix
Consumption of Agrivix
Speaker for the Dead
Codex of Lies
Tome of Names
Iskandra´s Texts


Glyph of the Kelphat´Thot
Invoker´s Burning Hand
Entropic Coil
Ring of the Black Matriarc


Night´s Embrace
Dawnbreaker´s Beacon
Essence of the Grim Dawn
Celestial Stone of Halakor
Black Gem of Dreeg
Avatar of Mercy
Demonslater´s Defense


Mark of the Anatema (+3 to callidor´s tempest - +2 to reckless power)
Undying Oath (+3 to blood of dreeg - +2 to pneumatic boost)
Badge of Mastery (+3 to summon Hellbound - +2 to Blade Trap)
Pyroclasm Mark (+2 to Vindictive Flame - +2 to Ulzuin´s Wrath)
Badge of Mastery (+3 to Devouring Swarm - +2 to Dreeg´s Devil Eye)
Beastcaller´s Tallisman (+3 to primal bond)


Wildblood Mantle
Bloodfury Spaulders
Markovian´s Vanguard
Bloodrager´s Shoulderguards
Infernal Night´s Pauldrons


Buthook Belt
WildBlood Girdle
Bladebraker Sash
Girdle of the Stolen Dreams
Sash of the Immortal Sage
Phantom-Thread Girdle


Zolhan´s Revenge
The Untouchable
SkyBreach Bulwark
Meat Shield

Chest Armour:

DeathMarked Jacket
Clairvoyant´s Robe
Vestments of the Great Guardian
Ulto´s Cuirass
Infernal´s Knight Jacket
Frostdread Cuirass
Chestguard of the Justice
DivineSteel Hauberk
Bloodragger´s Coat
Steal jacket of the VenomBlade

1Hand Weapons:

Aldanar´s Vanity
Clairvoyant´s Wand
Crimson Spike
Runed Dagger of Dreeg
Trozan´s Starkeeper
Demonslayer´s Life-Ender
Crescent Moon
Barrelsmith´s Salvo
Barrelsmith´s Crossfire

2Hand Weapons:

Obsidian Juggernaut
Wildblood Kusher
Bane of the Winter King
Nighshade´s Reach
The Adversary
Vortex of Souls
Temporal Arcblade
Infernal Brimstone


Add me on Stream: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198091473744/ (I´m The Red Demon Mask)

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therd23 therd23 is online now
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LF(can pay in new mats):

Mythical Light's Defender Helm
Mythical Light's Defender Epaulets
Mythical Stormreaver - can pay 16 ugdenblooms / 3 items
Avenger's Girdle
Mythical Stormtitan Treads
Mythical Tempest Sigil
Mythical Aetherstorm Sigil
Mythical Aetherstorm Seal

Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath - can pay 16 ugdenblooms / 3 items

Bonescavenger's Deathgrips
Heart of the Mountain
Guardian of Death's Gates
Voidsteel Gauntlets (x2)
Glyph of Kelphat'Zoth (x2)
Speaker of the Dead
Barrelsmith's Salvo
Brutallax (x2)
Wrath of the Ascendant
Butcher of Burrwitch (x2)
Grasp of Unchained Might (x2)
Will of Bysmiel
Golemborn Greaves
Deathmarked Shoulderguard
Skull of Gul'Amash
Boneweave Leggings (x2)
Demonbone Legplates
Crescent Moon
Deathmarked Decapitator
Deviltongue (x2)
Handguards of Justice
Footpads of the Grey Magi
Wildblood Girdle
Deathbound Amethyst
Orb of the Black Flame
Mark of the Forbidden
Flames of Wrath
Deathwhisper Leggings
Obsidian Juggernaut (x2)
Beacon of the Winter's Veil
The Guillotine (x2)
Infernal Brimstone
Stonefist Rebuke
The Untouchable
Devil's Cage Hauberk
Clairvoyant's Robe
Crimson Spike
Dawnbreaker's Sledge
Markovian's Stratagem
Colossal Grasp
Arcane Harmony Leggings
Ulzuin's Flamespreader
Reaper of the Accursed
Barrelsmith's Crossfire
Markovian's Vanguard
Viperfang Grips


Mythical Crimson Spike
Mythical Will of Bysmiel
Mythical Obsidian Juggernaut
Mythical Riftwarped Grasp
Mythical Grim Fate
Mythical Death Omen
Mythical Mark of the Dreadblade
Mythical Voidwalker Footpads
Mythical Agony
Mythical Dread Knight's Legplates
Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards
Mythical Wildblood Crusher
Mythical Boneweave Leggings
Allagast's Stormbinder
Mythical Harbinger of Eternal Suffering
Mythical Blade Breaker's Sash
Mythical Morguul's Mortality (x2)
Mythical Frostdread Cuirass
Mythical Fiendscale Jacket
Mythical Gildam Arcanum Commendation
Mythical Quillthrower of Dreeg
Mythical Gauntlets of Ignaffar
Dagallon's Annihilator
Mythical Boneweave Leggings
Mythical Deathdealer's Sidearm
Mythical Deathlord's Band
Mythical Mark of the Forbidden

PM me on steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/therd23

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Svennihilator Svennihilator is offline
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I'm looking for Octavius set pieces.

I have a ton of Legendary and Mythical items so shoot me a pm and we can work something out.
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volleyballnation volleyballnation is offline
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Updated 21 October
Looking For
- Mythical Markovian's set (any)
- Mythical Beronath, Reforged (or Blueprint)
- Mythical Reforged Chains of Oleron (or Blueprint)
- Mythical Golemborn Greaves
- Mythical Venomblade set (any)

Mythicals on Offer
all of the following are Mythical
- Gauntlets of Ignaffar
- Riftwarped Grasp
- Grasp of Unchained Might
- Voidsteel Gauntlets

- Boneshatter Treads
- Fiendflesh Greaves

- Beastcaller's Talisman
- Will of Bysmiel (x3)
- Lifegiver Signet (x2)
- Deathlord's Band
- Gildam Arcanum Commendation

- Phantom Thread Girdle
- Infernal Knight's Girdle
- Thorn Girdle of the Misty Glade
- Boneweave Girdle
- Sash of the Bloodlord

- Raka'jax
- Earthsplitter
- Adversary
- Reaper of the Accursed
- Herald of Blazing Ends
- Touch of Purity
- Brutallax
- Stonefist Rebuke (x3)
- Tome of Names

- Blueprint: Mythical Wretched Tome of Nar'Adin

New Items - NOT Mythical
- Feralmane Legplates (94)
- Spellscourge Bulwark (94)
- Hagarrdian Enforcer (75) (x2)
- Voidheart
- Cindertouch (94)
- Valguur's Touch (set)(94)
- Allagast's Stormgem (94)
- Galewind Treads (94)
- Stoneguard Ward (set)(94)

Message me on here or add me on steam.

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Awsumpossum Awsumpossum is offline
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I'm still looking for the relic Zeal or the recipe for Zeal.

I'd also like the Luminari Helmet and Medal.
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Cygnumx Cygnumx is online now
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Posts: 5

WTB the following:

Closed Fist of Vengeance
Shoulderguards of Justice
Handguards of Justice
Pretty great pants
Ulzuin´s Shoulderguard
Pyroclasm Mark
Ulzuin's Torment
Heart of Ulzuin
Wyrmbone handguards
chestguard of justice
Dagallon Faceguard
Dagallon Armor
Dagallon´s Destroyer

Can pay in Heart/Brain/Blood/Ugdenbloom/Wendigo spirit/Aetherial missive/Aetherial mutagen.
Pm here, thx!

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nicquehen nicquehen is online now
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Update : 21/10/2017

I'm looking :

Mythical Peerless eye of beronath
--> Can pay 15 ugdenbloom or trade for 2 of my item
Mythical Stormreaver --> Can pay 15 ugdenbloom or trade for 2 of my item

I don't trade for other item or component only item in this list sorry (i'll update the list when i need special component)

all item below are EXPENSION LEVEL lv84+ or mythical
Mythical Stonefist Rebuke
Mythical Razor of the venomblade
Mythical Crimson Spike
Mythical Venomlash
Mythical Ulzuin's flamespreader
Mythical Witching hour
Mythical Crystallum
Mythical Adversary
Mythical Grim fate
Mythical Herald of blazing ends
Mythical Beacon of the winter's Veil
Mythical Malakor's infusion
Mythical Silverbolt
Mythical Ravager's bite
Mythical Dreadscorcher
Mythical Death's Reach
Mythical Damnation
Mythical Death omen
Mythical Spelldrinker
Mythical Hellborn
Mythical Demonslayer's Life ender
Belgothian's Slicer
Stoneguard pummeler
Mythical Bane of the winter king
Mythical Spiritseeker cord
Mythical Valepiercer
Mythical Obsidian Juggernaut
RuneBinder's Spellthrower
Allagast stormbinder
Mythical Guardian of death gates
Mythical Brutallax
Mythical Andero's Amplifier
Mythical Vortex of souls
Mythical Guillotine
Dagalon destroyer
Edge of sanity

Mythical Divinesteel Shoulderguard
Mythical Iskandra's Pauldrons
Mythical Lifeblaze Mantle
Runebinder's Shoulderguard

Mythical Boneweave leggings
Mythical Deathwhisper leggings
Mythical Wendigomane leggings
Mythical Mageguard leggings
Mythical Legwraps of the tranquil mind
Mythical Dread knights legplate
Mythical Demonbone legplate
Mythical Fateweaver's leggings
Mythical Wildshorn legguards
Mythical Wraithborne legwrap

Mythical Korvorans Chestguard
Mythical Markovian platemail
Mythical Rune armor of ignaffar
Mythical Demonslayer Jacket
Allagast's Robe
Fateweaver's Raiment
Mythical Necrolord's Shroud
Mythical Infernal Knights jacket
Mythical Venomancer's Raiment
Platemail Octavius

Mythical Blade breaker sash
Mythical Pack of treacherous means
Mythical Gladiator distinction
Avenger's Girdle
Mythical cord of deception
Mythical Ulzuiin torment
Mythical Scale of beronath
Aegis Waistguard
Mythical Spellbreaker Waistguard
Mythical Spellbreaker Waistguard
Cataclysm's Pact
Stoneguard girdle

Mythical Mythical lifegiver signet
Mythical Closed of the fist vengeance
Mythical Signet of the fallen
Mythical Invokers Shocking touch
Mythical Time Flux Band
Mythical combustion band
Mythical voidwhisper band

Mythical Starfury Emerald
Tainted ruby of ghardal

Mythical Stormtitan treads
Mythical Venomspine greaves
Mythical Wraithwalkers
Mythical Wyrmscale footguards
Mythical greaves of ill omens
Mythical Fiendflesh Greaves
Mythical Golemborn greaves
Mythical Boneshatter Treads
Mythical Timewarped walkers
Galewind treads
Mythical Voidwhisper band

Mythical Meat shield
Mythical Final Stop
Mythical Siegebreaker

Mythical Skull of gull amash
Mythical Speaker of the dead
Mythical Fiendgaze tome
Mythical Consumption of Agrivix
Mythical iskandra's texts
Mythical Codex of lies

Mythical Gauntlets of ignaffar
Mythical Chilling grip of Hagarrad
Mythical handguards of justice
Mageslayer's Armguard
Kriegs grip
Mythical Harbinger's grasp
Mythical Voidsteel gauntlet
Mythical Riftwarped grasp
Valguur's touch


Mythical Pyroclasm mark
Mythical Undying oath
Mythical Mark of the forbidden

steam id : bonobogaming or by forum pm
usual playing time (7pm to 11pm paris time)

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StrUktO StrUktO is offline
Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Vught, The Netherlands
Posts: 108

Updated frequently!

please PM me for trades, or message me on steam
or discord

Looking for:

warborn visor
warborn pauldrons
the peerless eye of beronath
badge of mastery
+5 blitz
badge of mastery recipe
bysmiel's domination recipe
nemesis recipe

oleron's wrath (relic)

PM your price



dawnguard helm
empowered tempest of the void
empowered templar's headguard
faceguard of perdition
guardsman's helm
mythical mask of delirium
praetorian faceguard
wildcaller's cowl


bloodreaper's coat
cloth of unspeakable invocation
empowered bloodreaper's coat
empowered doomforged breastplate
empowered fanatic's overcoat
empowered guardsman's defender
empowered malduin's cloth
empowered skinflayer raiment
mythical myrmidon chestguard
nighthunter's chestguard
sharpshooter's coat
voidforged battle plate
wildspeaker coat


brimstone shoulderguard
dawnguard epaulets
empowered mantle of the weeping eye
guardsman's spaulders
mantle of the patron
razorback's spined mantle


bladedancer's handguards
bonescavenger's deathgrips 2x
colossal grasp
dawnguard gauntlets
empowered quickdraw gloves
empowered marauder's gloves
empowered soul's touch
empowered thundertouch bracers

grasp of unchained might
marauder's gloves
quickdraw gloves
silktouch handwraps
spellmaker's grip
zealot's gauntlets


empowered legplates of valor
empowered soiled trousers
empowered swampdweller's legguards
empowered templar's leg armor
mythical slithscale legwraps
shadeleather leggings
spellweave legwraps


empowered bloodhound greaves
empowered boots of unseeing swiftness
empowered dreadnought footpads
empowered molten walkers
empowered rifthound leather boots
empowered windborne greaves
explorer's footpads
hellion greaves
magelord's greaves
mythical final march
the final march
spellsage boots


acolyte's cord
chains of anguish
empowered acolyte's cord
empowered oldenar's stabilizer
flame keeper's girdle
flamescourge girdle

guthook belt 2x
oldenar's stabilizer
sharpshooter's pouch
stoneskin girdle
stormtouched chains
skyreach sash


binding emerald of mogdrogen
devil's charm


empowered band of black ice
empowered band of black ice
empowered briarthorn band


arcanum sigil
badge of tenacity
empowered mark of the templar
illusionist's mark

2h melee

alvarick's rebuke
champion of the light
empowered boneshard lacerator
empowered golemfist gavel

stonefist rebuke
the conduit
trollgut eviscerator

1h melee

asterkarn cleaver
black hand of sanar'siin
bloodreaper's cleaver
empowered voidblade
hellclaw slicer
hound's bite
lightning rod
touch of malice

2h ranged

brimstone repeater
curse of burrwitch
empowered devil's mark
empowered eye
empowered frigid quillbreath
empowered hellmaw shotgun
empowered huntsman
flame keeper's repeater

nar's arcane destroyer
salt-core bolter

wretched crow of bysmiel

1h ranged

empowered slime bolter
empowered soulflayer

marauder's justice


blazeguard arbiter
defender of devil's crossing
devil's grin
empowered lichguard
empowered maw of the beast
empowered oathbreaker's guard
empowered spiriteater bulwark
myrmidon's guard
mythical blazeguard arbiter
spiriteater bulwark
vanguard of the legion


aldanar's vanity
callidor's codex
channeling orb of the covenant
crushing will
empowered banshee's misery
empowered heretic's tome
empowered stormcaller's effigy
empowered wyrmclaw
maiven's tome
mythical callidor's codex
mythical virulent maw
sacred texts of menhir
storm scion

set items

bloodreaper's cleaver (bloodreaper's glory set)
bloodreaper's coat
empowered bloodreaper's coat
(bloodreaper's carnage set)
champion of the light (dawnguard set)
dawnguard gauntlets
dawnguard helm
dawnguard epaulets
channeling orb of the covenant
(unholy covenant set)
empowered eye (everburning brimstone set)
empowered guardsman's defender (peacekeeper's raiment set)
empowered marauder's gloves (marauder's judgment set)
empowered oathbreaker's guard (oathbreaker's flame set)
empowered wildcaller's cowl (wildcaller's call set)
explorer's footpads (explorer's garments set)
faceguard of perdition (perdition set)
flame keeper's girdle (keeper of the flame set)
flame keeper's repeater
guardsman's helm
(guardsman's raiment set)
guardsman's spaulders
marauder's gloves
(marauder's justice set)
marauder's justice
praetorian faceguard
(the praetorian set)
sharpshooter's coat (sharpshooter's mark set)
sharpshooter's pouch
surcoat of mogdrogen
(mogdrogen's tranquility set)
wildcaller's cowl (wildcaller set)
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