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Default That buffed Aegis shield

Holy crap, just look at that.
That's insanely good, 10% phys res, all the other resists, +1 all skills.
If the fire conversion doesn't bother your build, it's one of the best all-round shields in the game right now, say goodbye to Siegebreaker.

Some of the other buffed sets like Darkblaze and Krieg's are similarly incredibly good, makes me want to make a build around all of them.
Need more hours in the day.

Aegis Defender
Legendary Shield
35% Chance to block 944 damage
0.6 second Block Recovery
155 Physical Damage

+83/+124% Physical Damage
+83/+124% Fire Damage
+83/+124% Internal Trauma Damage
+83/+124% Burn Damage
12/18% Physical Damage converted to Fire Damage
6/10% Physical Resistance
16/24% Pierce Resistance
30/46% Vitality Resistance
19/29% Elemental Resistance
+3% Maximum Pierce Resistance
+1 to all Skills

Granted Skills
Gunner's Aegis (Granted by Item)
The best offense and defense at the tip of the barrel. This is a ranged one-handed weapon passive bonus.
33 Physical Damage
33 Fire Damage
+600 Health
25% Pierce Resistance
15% Vitality Resistance

"They were completely unbalanced—in all the best ways!"
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It went from underwhelming to pretty great. Like it should be.
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