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Default Does it exist?

Being a guy with a crap memory, I find that I rarely recognize rare mods on green item drops, whether rare or MI items. There's a couple I recognize reliably, but only a couple.

I was wondering if a mod exists to identify rare or double rare green items. If not, where might a guy with no coding or modding background turn to begin exploring the basics of how to add such an identifier to the existing item tooltips in game?

What I envision is something along the line of * - * in the tooltip where the first asterisk represents any prefix and the second the suffix, each color coded yellow or green to represent magical or rare. If an item doesn't have a prefix/suffix the it's corresponding asterisk would not be present.

I took a very brief look at the modding tools guide but was fairly lost. I'm going to try out the tutorial and see if there's a section on creating an item that might guide me to a starting point.

Anyway, any assistance in locating such a mod or a point in the right direction for getting started would be much appreciated.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and/or offer advice.
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I second this request, or rather I would like to see if it as all possible to add in a more advanced "Loot Filter" to this game. So instead of just filtering it by all common/rare/epic/legendary you could only see specific stats you are searching for.

Like let's say im starting a new character and it is going to be a cold damage dual wielding melee build, then I could set it up to drop items with %cold/ phys coversion to cold and any related cold penetration or reduced cold resist type items.

or like maybe the filter wouldnt "hide everything else" but just make stuff that I am actually looking for STAND OUT! Like really easily noticable when looking at a "loot-splosion"

Is this possible?
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afaik you can't change the filter, but you can change the color for things to make it easier to spot

I got the wrong Lightning Damage tag, but it still shows that it's possible... and only wanted to take 1 shot so that "of Balanced Steel" suffix is a little behind the tooltip, but it's from a rare item.
Should also work in the main game, because the tag file isn't in the mod folder, it's in Grim Dawn/settings/
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So, as a concept, appending a ^<colorcode> in front of each prefix, suffix, and base item accordingly would change how they're displayed by the game? That works?

BRB doing that real quick.
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