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Can we get the Lady Inquisitor at some point, her and the necromancer would make great statues.
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How big is it?

From the "base coated" picture it seems like the statue is 2 toilet paper rolls tall, but the angle may cause it to look taller.
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Thall'Nosh would be awesome. I love his looks, first time I saw Karroz 'giving birth' to him I was like "oh shit fuck fuck fuck"
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awesome job!it represents grim dawn perfectly! It is so cool to see you guys so connected and makes me think that is the way I want videogame industry to be, drvien by the passion of people who love deeply their job...and this post makes me happy,you are sharing with us your satisfaction, it's really a beautiful way to connect with you supporters/players/fans. Cheers and gg for the awesome job , you've earned every bit of success this game has earned
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