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Originally Posted by reddin View Post
Also, if you ever feel like streamlining this some more, partial components now serve no purpose apart from adding clutter and busywork.
I'm not sure but I think getting rid of partial component might be a good idea, it is true that it adds "clutter and busywork"...

One thing for sure, partial component should auto-complete without the need to click that button in the inventory. I don't see the point to manually merge the components.
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Just from rereading the recently surfaced OP, i have to write this considering the current state of the game.

Why not take the most fun from both worlds.
Keep completed but stacks of components without any Completion Bonus, and have an item like the horadric cube (the arcane crate!) that lets you craft and add a chosen bonus to an individual completed component. Plus a simple and intuitive way to stack and unstack, like pressed mousewheel and a simple deletion of individual component completion bonus by reinsertion to the stack.
This should require rather a simple implementation, or reuse the above phrase and principle and use only those aspects of the presented ideas and concepts that suit your taste, but please especially now implement such quality of life functions and experiment with balance a little.
Of course i would love to talk about balance with the one that's really creating and leading the course of balancing in this beautiful little game and maximize the fun extracted from the vast well of viable diversity in builds.

Anyway i wanted to thank you for listening to your players and honing this grim blade of yours.

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