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Default Any use for Grasping Vines?

They seem unreliable in every aspect of them: not reliable damage, not reliable crowd-stopper and the upgrade is quite far into the mastery. So is it really that bad or I'm just not using it properly? I should say I've never maxed both skills so I'm not sure how it works if maxed, but as far as I think 10-6 skill-points it barely did anything for me.
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Playing casters? If you are used to crowd control in your builds you will take it, although it is maybe not the best one. Such skill can have larger AOE radius.

It can slow or immobilize when it hits, and when it doesn't it distract monsters to not walk into it, similar to sigil of consumption and other traps and ground spells. Monsters start running back and forth. This is unusual for hack and slash tbh, normally mobs are just made stupid enough to walk right into your traps.

It can similarly distract ranged and caster bosses. Try to recast it on one of the cultists like Salazaar, he will be so busy avoiding it he'll forget to cast his nasty spells on you. Doesn't work on melee bosses when they already stand face to face with you though.

Vines need investment, at least 6 points into the main skill to get any significant slow, counting with gear.
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Never noticed monsters avoiding it. If it's true, thanks, that's actually new knowledge for me
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I also think the skill is seriously lacking. Especially compared to all the alternatives.

Therefore my suggestion would be:

- turn the skill into a special attack for the briarthorn to substitute it's slam
- combine both skills (vine and it's mod)
- scrap the mod's damage bonus
- increase it's area (most similar skills have a radius of 5m and often a lot more)
- make the effects last for some seconds after leaving

As for the "why":

The briarthorn alone is already hitting for obscene amounts of damage, plus almost all existing summons are melee with additional multi-hit skills. So something slightly different would be nice, imho. With this change there would be finally a summon that could fill a different role, and add a tad diversion, like we had in TQ. Similar to the lich it would be usefull for the debuff alone even if not skilled for damage. The rest of the changes simply to make the skills effects competitive.
Two birds, one stone.
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I really like this skill and is really good for CC but it does have one big BUT...

Is AoE is really lacking. It is strong but because of its cool down monster can simply avoid it.

I would love to see its AoE scale up to around 6 meters at max rank then it would function much better. It's modifier sort of implies it grows and gets bigger yet it doesn't.

Great for casters and melee play outside of it's current flaw imo.
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I think its radius should increase with rank.
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i remembering see the skill name and thinking about D2's Carrion Vine summon (but with CC capabilities!)... awesome. And then reality struck.

i like Uranos' idea -- fits the visual motif of that summon really well and would be a great glass cannon support piece.
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Please just add its mutor' in and make the radius bigger.

Doubt they do it though...i'd actually use it on my Demo guy but right now, not worth it
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Originally Posted by Rogetit View Post
I think its radius should increase with rank.
Really agree using it on my Conjurer while leveling. If I could hit nearly as many enemies with it as I can CoF it would be well worth investing in.
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It seems interesting for a melee character built around physical and bleeding.

Place it on the ground as an extra source of damage, not as a CC. The "30% slower enemy attack" sounds like a great defensive effect too.
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