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Old 10-21-2017, 06:53 PM
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Default [v1.0.2.1] Forcewave Tactician - Gladiator farmer

S&B Gladiator Crucible farmer focusing on Forcewave and Internal Trauma damage, using the new Octavius set. Performs really well both in Crucible and Campaign, and a safe bet for Hardcore. MIs not necessary.

- Relatively easy to gear, works without the set pieces (up to ultimate Malmouth), or any MIs, can easily clear Challenger Crucible to gear up.
- Good mobility, through Blitz and capped movement speed.
- Can kite with low cooldown Forcewave if necessary.
- Overcapped resists, 14% damage absorption, 40% physical resist, large health pool and a shield.
- 45% + 30 flat physical resist reduction.

- Really spammy, this is not a relaxed, laid back build.
- Mediocre damage without the set, makes ultimate campaign painfully slow (you are still nearly invincible).
- Mana issues.
- Not flashy

10/24/17 update: Ditched Counter Strike, Inspiration moved to Word of Renewal, reduced Vigor to 5/10, Scars of Battle to 6/8, maxed Blitz.


[v1.0.2.1]Video 130-150 Gladiator clear

BiS gear: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLJlR6N

Without MIs: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2By9mwN

Gear in video: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDM9mWN

In Crucible, with standard buffs and procs.

BiS Gear:

Head: Visor of Octavius - Sanctified Bone/Wendigo Lifescent Powder (Barrowholm) - Craftable
Shoulders: Pauldrons of Octavius - Sacred Plating/Wendigo Lifescent Powder (Barrowholm)
Chest: Platemail of Octavius - Chains of Oleron/Venomguard Powder (Rovers)
Main hand: Stonefaced Mutant Bludgeon of Fervor - Seal of Blades/Coven's Terror (Coven of Ugdenbog) - Vendor farm Hyram in the Steelcap District.
Offhand: Bulwark of Octavius - Seal of Blades/Coven's Terror (Coven of Ugdenbog)
Hands: Mythical Colossal Grasp - Restless Remains/Wendigo Lifescent Powder (Barrowholm)
Waist: Mythical Reforged Chains of Oleron - Enchanted Earth/Wendigo Lifescent Powder (Barrowholm) - The non-mythical version is craftable.
Legs: Ancient Solael-Sect Legguards of Reptilian Resilience - Scaled Hide/Wendigo Lifescent Powder (Barrowholm)
Feet: Rampage Stoneplate Greaves of the Dranghoul - Mark of Mogdrogen - Craftable (possibly...)
Amulet: Conduit of Warring Whispers - Seal of Annihilation/Survivor's Ingenuity (Devil's Crossing) - Craftable Completion bonus: Poison & Acid resistance, 210 Burn damage over 3 seconds to Forcewave
The completion bonus is converted to physical damage (internal trauma) by the set helm and chest.
Ring 1: Mythical Open Hand of Mercy - Runebound Topaz/Survivor's Ingenuity (Devil's Crossing)
Ring 2: Mythical Closed Fist of Vengeance - Runebound Topaz/Survivor's Ingenuity (Devil's Crossing)
Medal: Mythical Mark of Kalastor - Tainted Heart - Craftable
Relic: Doom Completion bonus: +1 to Internal Trauma and Blindside

Enough Physique and Spirit to meet gear requirements.
Seal of Annihilation on amulet gives 20 spirit, you can use a Living Armor component somewhere, equip amulet with Seal, remove Living Armor to save a few points. Physique depends on how many points you have in Veterancy.
Put the remaining points into Cunning.

Devotion bindings:

Assasin's Mark => Whirling Blades (Right hand) - move this to Forcewave if it gets nerfed.

Blind Fury => Whirling Blades (Left hand) - move this to Cadence if it gets nerfed.

Targo's Hammer => Menhir's Bulwark

Inspiration => Counterstrike

Fist of Vire => Field Command

Devotion explanation:

Bard's Harp seems to be an odd devotion to take, as we are not focusing on Pierce or Elemental damage, however the build has severe energy problems, and unless you want to pop mana potions on cooldown, Inspiration is necessary. Also, it helps to overcap resists and gives OA/DA half of the time. All in all, this is a quality of life devotion, and does not have a major impact on the build's performance.

Vire, the Stone Matron is taken for it's strong defensive bonuses, the proc itself is average. It does offer some extra CC, and the damage works on bosses, even if they won't get petrified. Not bad, not great, but you will miss it if you choose a different devotion route, you will also have some issues with capping resists.

Oleron is taken for it's strong damage bonuses, and for the proc. The physical resist reduction is nearly useless, as it does not stack with Break Morale, but it offers some minor RR while Warcry is on cooldown.

Anvil offers 320% IT damage, deals some physical damage on it's own, and has a chance to stun. Simple, straightforward, cannot be replaced in the build.

Assasin's Blade is taken for the -32% physical resist, the node bonuses are useless, but the proc itself greatly amplifies your damage.

The rest are taken to meet affinity requirements, unfortunately the devotion path is not flexible at all, every point counts.

Alternate devotions (with Ghoul and Rhowan's Scepter):

Devotion Path:

+Crossroads Ascendant
+Crossroads Order
+Assassin's Blade
+Crossroads Primordial
+Bard's Harp
+Empty Throne
+Sailor's Guide
-Crossroads Order
-Crossroads Primordial
+Vire, the Stone Matron


Forcewave - Our main skill, deals a lot of burst damage and applies a strong internal trauma dot. Max this and Internal Trauma to ultimate levels, Rending Force can stay at 12/12.

Cadence with Deadly Momentum - Filler in your rotation, Deadly Momentum provides some extra damage, and the third hit applies a greatly amplified internal trauma dot.

Blitz with Blindside - Mobility, DA reduction and another internal trauma dot . This is the skill to drop if you want more survivability by maxing Menhir's Will, or more points in the Inquisitor Tree.

Warcry with Break Morale - Reduced enemy damage and physical resist, unfortunately does not have 100% uptime.

Overguard - Defensive cooldown, don't treat this as a circuit breaker though, you can still die easily, even with this up. Use it to mitigate upcoming burst damage.

Word of Renewal - On demand heal with great bonuses. You can drop Vigor, but in Crucible it's a godsend against Moosilauke. Steel Resolve takes care of your Aether and Chaos resists and adds some damage.

Inquisitor Seal - Flat damage absorption and health regen, place it when you are taking too much damage. Combined with Overguard and Menhir's will, you are pretty much invincible. Regarding Null Field, I did not choose it, because of the reduced casting speed, which affects everything we use except Cadence.

Doomforce (from relic) - Extra source of AOE damage, you can drop this if you feel that the build has too many buttons already, your single target damage will not suffer too much.


The build relies heavily on the Octavius set bonuses to deal damage, so unless you got a bunch of epics and relics stashed to support a physical sword and board build, you will have slow kill times, especially in the expansion areas (while being mostly invincible). For this reason, I suggest that you level using 2H transmuted Forcewave + Blade Arc. An alternative devotion path is also advisable, as the end game build has a lot of shield bonuses, which are useless for 2H builds

Suggested barebone leveling build with 29 devotion points spent:

In closing:
The new Octavius set is quite strong by itself, combined with the resilience of sword and board soldier builds, plus the strong internal trauma/physical support through non-set pieces and devotions gives us a Tier1 Crucible farmer. The build also does well in campaign, with capped movement speed, strong burst damage, and even better sustained damage. This is the first character I leveled up to 100 in the expansion, and so far I'm very satisfied with it. The build is also easy and fluid to play, though the spammy gameplay due to the short cooldowns may not be for everyone.

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Old 10-23-2017, 12:19 AM
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Good guide, I am only lvl 50 with my Tactician and needed some guidance. Been playing pistol/shield and using overguard, word of renewal and inquisitors seal, pretty invincible but slow. Still the first build I've actually finished the first difficulty with, with 170 hours of playtime. Tactician is definitely my niche.
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Old 10-23-2017, 04:14 AM
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It's very interesting build... 200k trauma dots, tons of survivability. It's like warborn tank, but stronger i think. Facetanking Lokarr about 90% of combat time. "Incredible. Simply incredible"
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Old 10-23-2017, 05:09 AM
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Given that you're a melee tank and going to be taking hits, have you tried scales over harp?


Digging through my bookmarks, this is where I ended up after a few iterations when I saw the octavius set and decided to play around with the numbers. I haven't set components or augments yet, so I haven't really adjusted for final devos either. Bear could go, but I'd like to keep targas. I feel like bear or Oleron's is pretty needed just for 'all the rest of you trash get out of my way' given Forcewave's limited arc of coverage.


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Do you think cadence is even necessary. What if I just put those points to scale damage higher andore WPS/passives?
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Old 10-24-2017, 04:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Cudls View Post
Do you think cadence is even necessary. What if I just put those points to scale damage higher andore WPS/passives?
I've not really crunched numbers, but I doubt anything else you could put the points in would beat the universal Deadly Momentum buff...at least not in a consistent/reliable way.

Made a twink char with Grimstash to try this out and killed the Kupacabra(sp?) thing, its actually pretty fun to play for a pure melee build. I'll probably level one up in the near future. I'll just kind of assume by the time I finish it the Whirling Blades thing will be nerfed and I'll need an Oleron's Blood for replacement lol.
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I just lvled a Very Very Very similar build from Autenstic and its pretty great!

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Old 10-28-2017, 07:55 PM
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Hmm, i'm just wondering if this build is any good without that full set.
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Old 10-28-2017, 09:26 PM
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I am very pleased with this in gladiator. Destroyed 150 first time through.
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Old 10-29-2017, 11:19 AM
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At what point is it good to change from 2h Forcewave leveling-build to the actual build ?
I'm lvl 50 and just started Elite but I feel both low on defense and dps.
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