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Old 12-19-2017, 05:17 AM
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Originally Posted by mamba View Post
you will always find someone to blame, the other party, the Mexicans, the illegal immigrants, the legal immigrants, the black, the rich, the ... This has been done since the beginning of time and still is put to great use.

To me the downfall is the 'facts don't matter and science / experts be damned' approach to politics. Blaming the other party is just one example of this. Once you (have to) lie about what you do and what its consequences are in order to further your agenda, you have lost your way.
That and thinking that it is better to suppress an opposing vote than to allow it and risk losing the election because of it.
Sorry, a thread close fail on my part there. Did not mean to give you the last word mamba, but since you really did not say anything relevant to the issue, and there are so many other posts in this thread more delete-worthy, I just actually close this thread and let it fade into obscurity.

Americans have heart. You have tough times ahead and nobody wants to see the suffering you will endure. Of the list of people mamba thinks you can blame, only one of them are truly at fault. And if they are the ones holding all the power, undoing the mess is going to be an expensive and long process that will require Americans to greatly extend their attention span to continue to provide support from the public during the process.

Remember this, in each major city in France most of the people have a choice between 2-4 ISPs and for ~30-40 euro a month we get all the internet/tv/phone we can use. No caps, free international calls, and a billion channels of shit on the tv. You were getting raped before this happened.
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