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Default Best build for EoR?

Hey there,

After playing around with EoR it's pretty clear that without specific itemization, the skill is just lacklustre in comparison to keystone damage skills for melee classes like Cadence and Righteous Fury. That said, there are a number of legendaries that modify the skill. Importantly, some options add weapon damage to the skill, and even retaliation percentage. But I don't own all of these and it's hard to look at them and figure out which assemblage of masteries, set bonuses and specific items will end up with the most potent spin attack.

Do you go deep into the Warborn set for that sweet final bonus? Do you take Mythical Agony to leverage retal? Do you throw physical damage out the window and spin lightnings using the Cyclone set? Do you 2h, DW or S/S? All questions I'd love some comments on.
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You can go spin with almost any element, and will work, but the spinner best optimal damage build atm imo is cyclone. There is more warborn cadence warlords going better than EoR, but i think should work really good EoR there.

I made a build of the cyclone if u wanna check.

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I personally went with http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showt...496#post731496. Chillheart is a guaranteed drop from the Crate of Entertainment secret quest and the shield not only converts all fire damage to cold but also buffs the resist redux on Veil of Shadow and its passive.
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