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Default Help with concept: physical doom bolt


Iím working on a build and Iíd love some help making it better. The link has the jist if it, but I havenít added augments yet.

I wanted to make a doom bolt caster that used physical damage. With the items I convert doom bolt to 87.5% physical, 12.5% vitality (in exchange for big flat damage bump and and lower cool down).

I get survivability and cool down prom from markovian sey.

Easy resist caps from set and class.

Iím worried about damage and energy regen.

Iíd love any input this community has.


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Don't know about damage cause there's no way to know that without trying, but you'll definitely have energy problems with that build. It's a problem with beronath soldiers in general but it's amplified here because of lack of energy leech. My advice is to takenout the points in forcewave and the overcaps in sigil and the mod and put them to cadence and its modifiers(1pt each), bind flame torrent to cadence and put arcane spark in the medal slot. That should alleviate your problems.
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  1. You should bind Time Dilation to Doom Bold for instant double cast
  2. With that energy regeneration rate it's not going to work. You need Arkane Sparks and some flat regeneration
  3. What's your main attack? Because besides weak forcewave I don't see any
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doom bolt, witchblade

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