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Default Forgotton Anne - review

I picked this game up on steam, but its also available on consoles as well.

This is a puzzle adventure game. You play as Anne, (I will say some minor spoilers, but northing major) When the game starts, it shows an anime video of a human world, then you see things starting to vanish, and near the end, a sock dropping through a portal into a lake, then the sock getting judged what its capable of doing. You see, this world is where all those items the people have forgotten or neglected go.

As the game starts, you see a couple of items going past guards and causing an explosion. Here the anime ends when it switches to Anne who is asleep andf wakes up to the sound of the explosion.

There is no power to the house, and you have a device called the Arca, that can draw energy called "Anima" you use this to solve puzzles, by transferring energy too and from the device (and when you get an item, power that)

While for the most part, the game is side scrolling, but you can move (sometimes( into the background and foreground to activate switches and to carry on moving with the story. There are a few cuts scenes as well (which are anime) So if you like manga and Japanese films you will like these, asd they are really well done.

While the game is linear, however, what makes it also stand out is the branching choices, dialogue and choices you make. While some doesn't really make an impact on later parts of the game, while some does. and if you want to play in a certain way, you have to be careful what you say and do.

The game took about 9 hours to complete. but I will probably give it another run at some point.

while there are some nagging things I don't like about the game, (you can skip the dialogue or speed it up, or skip the cut scenes) and one or two puzzes I wasn't that keen on.

I think overall, it a game that tells a very nice story, and well worth playing if you like a good story. I can easy give this game a 9. So well worth the price.

I suggest you watch some videos or the trailer to see the game in action, But I certainly enjoyed it.

9 / 10
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