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Old 10-17-2017, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Undriuz View Post
How about additional skill points and there to invest them? And any changes for devotion?
Yes there are changes but this build will have to wait a bit. i only have the grim tools atm
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Originally Posted by poisonsoup View Post
this build strong enough to finish malmouth
guess we just need to update every items to mythical version
I used this build and finished Malmouth without updating any gearpieces at all
(I did not have all of the gear suggested for 85, but my warborn set was complete)
Most of the content was pretty easy, but in the end I died 3 times on the endboss of the story (the only deaths while doing the expansion). And even him would have been manageable without any deaths, if I had been more focused.
The only thing that I had to watch after was my poison resist, so I had to drink some ointments here and there, if things got a little bit too nasty.

I did not try to go after the new nemesis bosses so far, because my reputation isn't low enough for these to spawn.
But this build in this state should be enough to get you through the main storyline
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