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Originally Posted by Cavar View Post
I dunno about first character, since I've played on and off since 2013, but just last night I went into BoC, opened the door with my Skeleton Key, rotated my camera, ran forward (the way I just came) and the door closed.

It was my last Skeleton Key.

Ty for sharing this. It was a good laugh.
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I remember like it was yesterday. I saw Grim Dawn on someone’s fave list and decided to try it out. I jumped into the game and chose Demolitionist because the pic was badass. I got stuck at around lvl 30 and decided to do some research. From all the combinations Commando sounded like it could kick ass best. That is my oldest char, it went through dozens of respecs, currently Justice+Worldeater Fire Forcewave.
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I don't remember exactly what my first character was but the earliest memory that I have is when my HC PRM arcanist died to Amalgamation at lvl 38 or so. I remember thinking "man that boss is hard". The next most memorable moment was being shotgunned from full health to death by Lucius meteors in Elite.

I avoided giving in to the game guide or forums for information on mechanics for a good few hundred hours, it made it more fun for me and I have the nostalgic memories of being a total noob .
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My first character was a Commando, starting from Soldier, but i went Flame Strike instead of Cadence because Cadence reminded me too much of the lackluster Calculated Strike from Titan Quest. This was during EA before Shaman was a thing.

I took BOTH flame strike mutators, because i wanted her to use both a rifle and sword+shield.

I don't think I got any better at character building. My current character is a level 48 Purifier (didn't pick up Inquisitor until level 45, and then only so I could drop the Gunslinger jacket. He still has two level 28 Pistols because they each have +1 to all Demolitionist Skills") with stacked Fire damage (Static and %), on gear AND devotions.

My leveling technique on all my characters is "Rush up the Mastery tree, putting one point in each skill to see what it does. Once I've maxed mastery, I invest in the skills I like."

I also collect every Epic item and store it in my transfer stash, in the hopes that one day I'll build a character that uses it for a little bit. I'm still trying to find the Guardsman's Hammer so I can start leveling and adventuring on my level 22 Soldier with a full kit.

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My first character was Soldier, of course. Went Cadence, played 2H for a while, but it was getting annoying because at the time 2H was super slow, then I went Nightblade, got dual wield and 2 1h weapons and boy it was a lot more fun. But then I went full WPS, and for some reason I wasn't looking at itemization properly, and it went into a really weird full WPS full physical itemized build which wasn't optimal, and character pretty much ended up failing pretty hard at Ultimate. Learned my lesson by now however, with a lot of revamps to trees and Blitz being so powerful, but yeah.
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Blademaster here. Dual wield cadence. Didn't know what debuffs were. Didn't care about resists. Devotions didn't exist. I think max level was 18, and the warden was the "final" boss. I remember beating the warden and then i had to teleport back to devils crossing to sell my stuff, because my inventory was full. I wanted to wait to open the chest till i got back. When i teleported back, the wardens chest had disappeared due to a bug. I guess no loot for me...
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