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Figured I'd leave my opinions on it, I like the in game moving back ground, but the Grim Dawn title I feel needs some better positioning and work, I do like how the glowing heat of it slowly disappears into the dark but it lacks power yet still places itself in view. I feel if you're going to do it powerful and broad, go for that, but if you're aiming for subtle and faint, just as good, don't look for middle ground.

The game selection tabs feel like they're in the way on the side, put them on the bottom of the screen with that.

Some things I could suggest you add is probably a more orange/black palette filter as I feel the grayish dirt path pulls away from the grim style, show me some true despair and intimidation.

Another idea to try is to encase the the moving background in a 3D view like a television screen but constructed with worn artistic gothic carvings/statues.

Kind of like this in diablo's trade screens and such.

Here it gives the perception of a book/tome on the borders.
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My question is what happens after you click the play button. I understand you are on a level with roaming monsters, but when you click play does it zoom into a centralized area with all of the characters waiting to be set upon said monsters? or does it fade to black to the next menu?

Let me set the scene for you:
-Player hits play

-Camera zooms inside building where all of the classes are there in what looks like a readied stance for battle.

-*Roll mouse over char**highlights classes depending on what mouse rolled over*

-Player choose the class he wants and begins the customization

-finishes customization

-camera pans out a bit to the regular camera view and either:
a. Begins the game right there (this means pre-loading while customization happening)
b. The character leaves the building and fades to black the goes to start the game.


- Choose play

- Fades to black (loading screens) -> class select

- Fades to beginning

Of course I added a bit of emphasis on the one I prefer, however the point is still there. There is something to be said for the beginning sequence of events for its fluidity. It may take some time, and resources, but it would be so worth it in my opinion. Small things like this put a huge sense of professionalism into your game.
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Default Title screen comments

Love the look of the title screen. Also, I know why the actual title looks funny. It is similar to the DOOM title banner. Colors are different though. Gheed's Charm? A gentle nod to Diablo 2 perhaps.

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Default Oops.

Okay. I just read the post fully. It was a screen shot from Diablo 2. My bad. Still including familiar names/items from Titan Quest or Diablo would still be an awesome idea.
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Looks great. It's the opening menu, not much to fuss about, buttons are fine to me. I'll be looking at it all of a half second while i click play.
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Originally Posted by hyper_human View Post
Okay. I just read the post fully. It was a screen shot from Diablo 2. My bad. Still including familiar names/items from Titan Quest or Diablo would still be an awesome idea.
Ah, yeah but unfortunately could get us in legal trouble.
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Originally Posted by Redderick View Post
...ideas about panning camera at start vs fading cutaway
I really like the pan idea, and I feel it could be expanded into loading existing characters. How awesome would it be to see the camera quickly flying across the map, over massive stretches of areas you traveled, showing you in a way how much you have achieved in your travels?
I understand that caves and undergrounds may require fades in order to prevent graphical errors, and there is the possibility that transition videos leading to each map region could be played instead of rendering the map real-time, giving the illusion of fast map streaming, playing into a particular point of the destination region, then transitioning into realtime rendering flying towards the character's location.

Hopefully that makes sense. If anything, it's an idea for an option in Grim Dawn 2.
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