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Default Need ideas please

Hi all

I am one of those persons that cant decide what to play, so i need some help.

I will mention some stuff i like/want and if you would be so kind as to point me in a direction for a build/class.

*ranged above melee
*easy to play
*looks nice (spells/effects)

Thanks all
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It would help to know what characters or concepts you have played previously to get an idea of what you like, it also means we don't recommend something you've already played down the line.

Do you have a character or set of characters which you can farm and/or trade Legendaries with or would you like something with less emphasis on gear?

If you're fine with gathering end game gear and don't care about ideas, I'm gonna go with the bizarre suggestion of Stronghold Purifier. No particular reason why, the build just looks interesting and overall not bad.

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Originally Posted by Obzerver View Post

*ranged above melee
*easy to play
*looks nice (spells/effects)

If you are looking for a suggestion:

ranged above melee - Druid pet build

tanky - Druid pet build (don't be shy and put points into that briarthorn)

easy to play - Druid pet build

looks nice - Druid pet build (also depends on what devotions you take to have nice spell effects, for a druid I like things like blizzard, reckless tempest, and elemental storm)
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I'm still trying builds, but a ranged Commando sounds like it would be up your alley. I'm sure there are a lot of other builds that can match your description, but I've been liking a range based Commando that uses Fire Strike with a rifle to blast monsters into tiny bits.
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