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What about releasing server binaries to the community?

Or at the very least putting in an option for players to sync their character(s) with third party servers?

Pretty please.
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Originally Posted by Renevent View Post
look at Borderlands...it's practically open season to the point of making up item and actually corrupting OTHER PEOPLES characters. That's far worse than what I have seen in TQ though...I wonder if the hackers there are simply better or if Gearbox just did an absolutely horrid job on protecting users online.
Maybe certain types of games (those that favour graphics over gameplay, or attract the more ... boisterous younger male gamer) attract a certain type of gamer/hacker that prefers to endulge in that kind of hacking/editing/****wittery?
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How about encrypting the character save file? It's wont stop cheating entirely, but it will make it less accessible.

While Defiler had some nice options, I could have lived without all of them (including potion stacking) if it meant having a more meaningful trade system in Titan Quest.
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multiplayer, secure servers

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