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Default Hopefully the Less Adjustments the Better

Hopefully the Less Adjustments the Better
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cryptic af
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I disagree! More adjustments = more better.
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Erm.. They'll make as many adjustments as they need to. No more, no less.
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This reminded me of the following:

- Right, ehm: no time to lose!
- Eventually, yes sir!
- What?
- Well, like you said, sir. We'll be able to make time, eventually, without to lose, sir, no!
- Look, I don't think you quite got the hang of this phrase, sergeant major.
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Originally Posted by pariohope View Post
Hopefully the Less Adjustments the Better
I suppose pariohope prefers not too many adjustments to the gameplay, and indeed I find myself agreeing with him/her. Never change a winning team!

Luckily for us, the dev diarios showed what is in store for us, and it is more of the same (which is good!) and a few additions to build variety and such, but gameplay wise the game remains the same.
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Pretty sure this is a bot, regardless of the fact that I have no idea what is the purpose.
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