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Old 03-01-2016, 01:16 AM
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Default How-to: Xbox360 Controller & similar - outdated

How-to: Xbox360 Controller & similar

Ok, I recently typed up a quick guide lost deep in some Steam thread to help some people that were having issues getting a grip on figuring out the controls for using a Xbox360 controller. At our local werebeast moderator's insistence, @jiaco, I have typed up a similar guide for you guys on the official GD forums.

The 1st thing to remember is that GD is not a game that was ever designed for controller. Regardless, your hero, @Rhis, said eff that, we're getting some controller support up in here and if the game don't like it and if the KB&M ultra-l33t crowd don't like it... pftt (jus playing he didn't really say that. to me anyway).

He did make some slight nifty additions to the game only present when your controller is functioning. For one thing we get auto-targeting, a necessity for this. You also get a separate skill-bar that activates once you move your guy around with the controller.

Setting it up

Go to the game options and move to the Keybindings tab. Tick the Enable Gamepad box and then set your bindings as shown in this pic

If they are already like that then you are good to go. You can of course configure these how you like but I would recommend at least using them until you know what's what.

*Note - Anyone installing the game from B31 on, should already have these bindings set by default. You will still have to check Enable Gamepad, of course.

Your controls and how they work

Alright, your binds are setup and you just logged a character in. As you move your character (left analog) you notice your skillbar change and you see symbols on some of the skillslots representing controller buttons.

You are now in what I call game mode.

But how to assign skills? I have no cursor and there seems to be no other way to assign them.

Press R3 (right analog down-click). You are now in ui mode and if you wish to play this game with nothing but a controller, my advice, get comfortable here. Anything you can do with kbm can be done with the controller.

You should see the in-game cursor popup on screen. Move it around the screen with the right analog. Go ahead and push it down to your skillbar and press the right trigger. Your available skills will popup and be selectable by moving the cursor onto them and pushing either left or right trigger.

In ui mode your left and right triggers are, in effect, left and right mouse-clicks.

Control list

UI Mode:
  • Right Analog - Move the cursor
  • Left Analog - Moving this while in ui mode and while ANY window in the game is up will put you immediately back into game mode
  • Right Trigger - Simulate right mouse-click
  • Left Trigger - Simulate left mouse-click
  • RB & LB - Will zoom in and out when in Devotion and Map screens
  • D-pad - In scrollable areas, such as the Map/Devotion, D-pad will move these areas around. Quest/Lore logs can also be scrolled up and down
  • X - Opens the Skills window to your 1st selected mastery. Press again will cycle to the next. Press 1 more time to enter the Devotion tab. While in the Devotion tab press left trigger to select nodes. Press (and hold) left trigger on empty space and pull your right analog to move the Devotion background around (This also works on the Map). Press X again to exit the window
  • Y - Opens the Quest log window. Repeated presses cycles thru each of the available tabs, eventually closing the window.
  • A - Opens the Local Map. Press again for the World map and one more time to close
  • B - Opens the Factions window. Press again to open the Achievements window. It will continuously toggle them back and forth (bug perhaps??). To exit this just nudge your left analog (this works for other windows as well)

Game Mode:
  • Right Analog - Rotate and zoom the camera
  • Left Analog - Move your character
  • R3 - Enter ui mode
  • L3 - Stationary attack (just like holding shift, slightly clunky to use but still handy in some instances)
  • RB - Health pots
  • LB - Energy pots
  • D-pad Up - Pickup
  • D-pad Down - Interact
  • D-pad Left - Switch Weapons
  • D-pad Right - Portal
  • X - Quickbar Slot 01
  • Y - Quickbar Slot 02
  • A - Quickbar Slot 03
  • B - Quickbar Slot 04
  • Left Trigger - Quickbar Slot 05
  • Right Trigger - Quickbar Slot 06

  • Start - Pauses the game and opens the Options Menu
  • Select - Opens the Character/Inventory window

Visual Reference

Game Mode:

UI Mode:

Thank you for these Jaknet. Again. And again. And again.............

Tips and Misc.
  • Don't waste game mode slots on passive toggles, such as Mogdrogen's Pact. Move your mouse to revert back to kbm mode and add it to that skill bar. Save your controller functions for active skills instead.
  • Hopefully Rhis implements a quick-switch for a 2nd skillbar to expand our options a little bit more. He is aware of the need for it so give it a lil bit.
  • PS3 controller users (and similar control types) may wish to check out http://www.x360ce.com/ and utilize this program to properly emulate Xbox360 type controls in their games.
  • Anything I've missed that you would like me to add just post it in the comments please (or pm).

  • Added controller layout pics (from Jaknet).
  • Changed some letter coloring.
  • Added a slicker bindings pic (from Rhis).
  • Renamed controller mode and cursor mode to game mode and ui mode, respectively, to reflect how they are named for the Steam controller settings.
  • Other minor edits.

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Thank you powbam. Guides like this are really great.
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Old 03-01-2016, 01:19 PM
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Morning ladies.

@Jaknet Sure thing.. Show me what you got.

I still gotta edit this just a tad bit more. Rhis made me up a new, slicker image for the bindings so once i shake the cobwebs off I'll spruce the pad up a bit.

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Thanks powbam! I might actually give this a shot.
Don't read this.
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K. Guide edited a lil.

Originally Posted by ibugsy View Post
Thanks powbam! I might actually give this a shot.
Np. Hope you like it and it works very well for the most part.
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Thanks for the guide.

gonna go wipe off the old 360 controller and try this out.
Old 03-01-2016, 04:46 PM
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powbam, thank you!

I was going to buy a new game pad for this game, but instead decided to try out one of my made in china pads with x360ce and your settings, and it works!

It's really good! I did a Cronley run on my Blademaster. I can finally relax and farm from my couch in front of the TV!
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Anyone got ps3 working? I have xpadder installed. Trying to figure out how to setup the moving with stick and toggle ui and game mode on and off.

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Originally Posted by heron View Post
Anyone got ps3 working? I have xpadder installed. Trying to figure out how to setup the moving with stick and toggle ui and game mode on and off.
Hey Heron, perhaps this is what you need?

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Originally Posted by powbam View Post
Hey Heron, perhaps this is what you need?

Yeah could well be, that's what I used to use with a cheap knockoff ps3 controller and it did the job
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