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Default Guardians of Ember

I've had this game on my Steam wishlist for awhile, debating back and fourth if I should invest the time to try it out. From the description it sounds great, the small videos make it look fun, but the reviews are mixed. Any Grim Dawners try this game out?

Is it fun?

Are you required to have to play it online?

Should I spend $14.99 on it or buy a Dominos pizza instead?
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I've only seen someone stream it. Looked fairly mediocre. It is on my wishlist as well, but not high enough priority. There are so many other awesome games to play first. Might grab it when its on sale for 5-7 euro at some point.
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I played this game the month after it's release. I don't know if it is any better now but I wouldn't recommend it. My biggest gripe with the game was that everything felt like it had a big delay, and I did not have high latency. The skills did not feel all that fun and diverse either back then.

If I had to descripe my feelings for the game it would be 'Eeehhh...' It is not a horrible game, just not that fun. But this is all my opinion. If you want to try it, wait for a sale on steam is my advice.
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Yeah...it's OK...but like previously stated above, there are so many games out there that are better. Heck there are free MMO's out there that are better
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I still have it installed and really enjoyed it early on. I forget the in game term for it - but when I got the point of needing to reroll the stats on items (it had a specific name for it I can't recall) it was insanely difficult for me to understand. It was where you melted certain items and it would give or keep certain stats. The enchanting + things up was simple and straightforward and I liked the overall gameplay. But if I hit a wall with not being strong enough to progress and can't understand a component of the game after a few hours reading about it... I move on.

I may go back and try to figure it out as I invested a good amount of time leveling up... but just found Grim Dawn a couple days ago and having more fun here so far.
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