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Hmmm ok, maybe it wasn't a one-shot chest then...
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Uuuuh, I was looking for something like this.
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Originally Posted by konfeta View Post
Well, after 3 sweeps can't find the 7th chest. My final list is 6 chests:

1. Gloomwald - (quest, bugged, can only be gotten once a character due to being tied to a lore note drop). Best not activated until ultimate.
2. Ugdenbog - unmarked cave, the location of the plant boss
3. Desolate Wastes - just floating out in the open area
4. Malmouth Harbor - reward for a side quest for helping stranded NPC.
5. Malmouth Harbor - close to the Crown Hill portal.
6. Infestation - seems to always be in the same location, corner opposite of the entrance, exit, and a side quest door.
I wonder if the upcoming new Roguelike will have the seventh.

EDIT: scratch that, the seventh is one of the final bosses' chests - checked the game files.
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So no chance of Ivonda's chest being a one shot?

So the Mad Ramblings quest - if you give her the note without looting her stash, she will spawn a chest nearby named "Ivonda's Gift."

So far it's 2 for 2 for me to get an epic from it.
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This list is a god send I've had to backtrack to so many of these and I appreciate that this up
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Yea this has helped me a lot as well, thanks so much!
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(Necro posting but didn't wanna open a topic for a silly question...)

I have 2 characters who are missing 1 one-shot chest each. Is there anyway to find out which one without running the whole campaign on 3 difficulties?
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